When Jagerbombz was just 68, he was pulled into Karazhan to fill in as the guild raid’s third healer.  That first night was very over whelming and there was so much to take in at one time, be it where to stand during the boss fight or which totem to drop when to keep my raid group alive.  After that night, I went looking for any information I could find.  I researched wowwiki, I found Bosskillers and I stumbled across couple of very good shaman blogs, including Too Many Annas


My guides are designed to be concise, giving all the detail you will need as a resto shaman; no more, no less.  I want these guides to be easy to understand and easy to follow, making an overwhelming experience somewhat easier without digging through all the extensive information that is out there.  Just think of these guides as cheat sheets making the tests of being a resto-shaman that much easier to pass.

10-Man Naxxramas Guides

Raid Guide Update – Patch 3.0.2

Overall Update to Resto Shamans

Generic Raid Guides – out of date – under construction

Karazhan Guides

I made it a point to know every fight, what each boss was capable of, what to look for and how best to use my abilities/spells to keep the raid alive.  Now my goal is to pass on what I have learned from both research and experience to other resto-shaman in the WoW community.


In reading these guides, please ask questions or please let me know if I have missed something or you found something that works that I haven’t listed.  I will be happy to make updates to include and new infomration, tips, tricks or to fix any mistakes.