The idea of Hoof n’ Healz was to aide raiding Resto Shamans who were either just starting out or experiencing the same content I was.  I in no way ever considered myself an expert, but it seems that my thoughts on raids and how to deal with certain encounters did have some positive impact on at least a couple of shamans out there.

Now that raiding has been put on hold as everyone makes their way to level 80, the need for raid guides has pretty much dried up, but the need for 5 man guides has blossomed.  So I present to you, Hoof n’ Healz Resto Shaman 5 – Man Instance Guides.

You will find that the shaman specifics in these guides to be at a higher level than they were in the raid guides.  The basic skills needs for healing the 5 man content should be obvious at this point and I don’t want to continuously mention “The tank takes damage…heal the tank”.  I feel that providing the basic information about an instance and its bosses will allow a healer to make their own decisions on what particular healing spell to cast and when to cast them.  I hope these guides will be as popular as the raid guides were and I hope they will be just as useful.


Wrath of the Lich King

Utgarde Keep – Howling Fjord (Levels 70-72)

Nexus – Borean Tundra (Levels 71 – 73)

Azjol-Nerub – Dragon Blight (Levels 72 -74)

Ahn’kahet – Dragon Blight ( Levels 74 – 76)


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