• Jagerbombz -A rather surly resto shaman who heals to gain riches and the lamentation of the womens but usually ends up with aggro and repair bills.
  • Hoof n’ Healz – A blog out the Resto-Shaman in a short and humorous manor. All guides are short and to the point with the focus on your roll as a resto shaman in the group/raid.  Hn’H will also be shameless outlet for my guilds achievements and act as a tool for me to attempt to be funny from time to time. 
  • Me – I am a 30-something married male with two offspring who refuses to grow up.  I have been playing WoW for just over 3 years now and have been playing MMOs now for over 10 years.  My turn ons are one shoting bosses and girls that know the difference between the frost and fire spec.  My turn offs are…well…I am sure there are one or two of them.