In writing my Resto-Shaman guides for Karazhan and Zul’Aman I found that I was lacking the basics of raiding.  Yes, knowing what to during a boss encounter is an essential part of your roll, but it won’t do you any good if you can’t even get to the boss. With that in mind I am going to start righting some small basic raiding guides for the Resto Shaman.  The first guide will focus on raid preparation.

Rule one of raiding is come prepared.  This means having all the basic potions, elixirs and food one will need to achieve the maximum efficiency for the day’s raid. Here is a short shopping list for what you will need.

Super Mana Potions/Mana Potion Injectors x20

Golden Fish Sticks x10

Elixir of Healing Power x10

Superior Mana Oil/Brilliant Mana Oil x5

Netherweave Bandages x40

Super Mana Potions/Mana Injectors: There are going to be some fights in the raid that are going to be very mana draining and it is very difficult to get through the fight without going OOM.  To avoid this, you will have your mana pots to help supplement your mana regeneration.  Normally mana pots will not be needed until you face a boss encounter, but on bad trash pulls there is nothing wrong with taking one to avert a wipe. 

During a boss fight I will use a mana potion based on my knowledge of the fight.  Longer fights I will chug the first pot around 70% mana allowing the cool down to expire letting me chug another mana pot towards the end of the fight.  On short fights I will use a pot at 50% mana and when the mob’s HP is at about the same % or lower.  This way I am rather certain that I will still have some mana once the fight has ended.

Golden Fish Stick: If you show up to a raid with out a stack of golden fish sticks in your bag, hand in your healer card and go roll DPS.  Ok, that might be a little harsh, but still, come on, these are a healer’s bread and butter raid food. 

When consuming the fish sticks you will regain 7500 health over 30 seconds, but that is not why you have them.  You have them for the “well fed” buff of +44 healing and +20 spirit for 30 minutes.  The spirit isn’t a big deal for the Shaman but that +44 healing is very nice.  Every little bit of +heal helps on raid night. So make sure that you keep popping one of these every 30 minutes or after you die and remember NOT to use these to regain health, use those bland biscuits that the mage was so willing to provide.

Elixir of Healing Power: This battle elixir is used to buff your +healing by 50 for 1 hour. Remember this will not stack with any other battle elixirs, but will stack with a guardian elixir such as the Elixir of Draenic Wisdom that buffs spirit and int by +30. 

Normally I will not use the elixirs until I we get to a boss encounter.  The buff granted is over kill for trash and I would rather not take the chance on loosing a charge of this due to a trash wipe.

Superior Mana Oil: For a good portion of a shaman’s life they are imbuing their weapons with the weapon augmentation spells we have available to us, but it is time to put those spells away and apply oil to our weapon.

Superior mana oil grants 14 MP5 to the caster and will last through death.  This will defiantly help those mana hungry shamans increase their mana regeneration making them more efficient healers.

Brilliant Mana Oil: This is the big brother of the superior mana oil.  It grants 2 less MP5, but grants +25 healing.

Of the two oils, I recommend this one over the superior mana oil, but both are acceptable to use based on availability.

Neatherweave Bandages: Yes, you are a healer and all good healers should have bandages.  During down time bandages are great ways to heal up not only yourself, but other raid members without having to use mana.  Mana in very precious to the Resto-Shaman, so any way to conserve it is a big help.

So, let’s look at what all this can do for you, here Shaman Raider #1, a regular raider who is entering Karazhan without any supplies.

Health 8K

Mana 9K

Bonus Healing 1100

MP5 135 While Casting

Not to bad, he should be able to take care of most of the healing duties as a secondary healer.  Now lets see what he would have been had he come prepared.

Health 8K

Mana 9K

Bonus Healing 1219

MP5 147 While Casting

It may not seem like much, but let’s do the math…

Healing Wave receives 86% of the plus healing, so with 1100 healing the shaman will see an additional 942, but with the increase from the raid supplies, the bonus from +healing gives us a additional 1048, a 10% increase in healing.

Chain heal receives 71% of the plus heals.  Jumping from 1100 healing to 1219 healing will see an increase of 9% in our healing.

Earth Shield receives 28.6% of our plus healing so the jump of 219 bonus healing increases the healing power of each charge by 10%.

So by showing up to a raid prepared, not only will you impress your raid leader, but you will increase your healing ability in the raid and your raid…especially the tanks, will thank you.