Ah, you’re just in time. The rituals are about to begin. Illhoof

This is part eight of my short Resto -Shaman guides to Karazhan. Today we focus on Terestian Illhoof.

In writing all of these guides, I can’t belive I forgot about Illhoof.  Illhoof is another one of those optional bosses that most of the time might get over looked if you don’t have a warlock in your party.  Ilhoof can be found be entering the secret passage behind one of the bookcases that leads to the Shade of Aran 

During this fight you will need to keep on your toes as a healer.  During the fight Illhoof will begin to sacrafice random raid members by placing them in demon chains.  During this time the DPS needs to kill the chains as fast as possible to keep Illhood from healing himself. As a healer, will need to spam heal the person in the chains to keep them alive during this phase.  This is the one time that I actually use lesser healing wave.

To target the person in the chains to heal, I use the following macro

/target Demon Chains
/target targettarget
/cast Lesser Healing Wave


  • Earth Shield the warlock or the main AoE caster.  This will help heal them and will help them avoid getting their spells interupted.
  • Drop standard Totems for your group.
  • Heal as normal, chain heal is good to keep everyone topped off.
  • During the scarafise spam heal the target…please use the macro for the good of the traget and your raid.
  • Pop a mana pot when your mana is at 65% this fight can be mana intesive with all the healing and it is best to make sure you are not oom at the wrong time.
  • Once the imps begin to spawn…drop your fire elemntal totem to help out with the AoE damage.  Note:This is my favorite part of the fight.  Your elemental is immune to fire damage which happens to be the damage the imps are dishing out, but the imps are NOT immune to fire damage themselves, so you have a full 2 minutes of your fire elemental having some fun.
  • Blood Lust at 25%.

I have found this can be a very easy or a very difficult fight.  This is can be a very healing intensive encounter if the demon chains are not dealt with as quickly as possible.  Plus if your AoE damage is lacking, you will be healing the raid more than normal

Resto Shama Loot:

·         Mender’s Heart-Ring

Well now that the little guys have been dealt with, it will be time to cover the big boys, Nightbane, Netherspite and the Prince.