This is part two of my Resto-Shaman guides to Naxxramas. These guides are designed with the Resto-Shaman in mind, but may be beneficial for any healers. These guides are a condensed overview of each Naxxramas encounter allowing the Resto Shaman to understand their roll in the raid.


You have probably conquered your fear of spiders and maybe even gotten “Arachnophobia”.  The next logical step in Naxxramas will probably be the topic of this guide, the Plague Wing.  The encounters in the Plague Wing are more about coordination than anything and you will need to be on the ball if you wish to keep your raid alive.

Naxxramas: Plague Wing

Trash: The trash in the Plague wing will consist of gargoyles, oozes, slimes, worms and bats oh my.  The only thing to really keep an eye out for is any diseases, make sure to cleanse them as quickly as possible or drop a disease cleansing totem if the majority of the raid is getting plagued.

nothNoth the Plaguebringer: The first boss encounter in the Plague Wing is the a former Wizard/Alchemist of Dalaran, Noth.  This encounter is broken up into two repeating phases.

Phase One: Noth will be engaged by the main tank.  During this time he will curse three random raid members.  It is important that you de-curse these s quickly as possible within 10 second.  If you rail to remove the curses, both the targeted raid member and anyone near them will take a significant amount of damage.

Also during this time, Noth sill summon Plague Warriors that will need to be picked up by the off tank and DPS’ed down by a couple of the raid members.

As a healer, this phase is all about cleansing.  As long as you can cleanse your raid healing will be only needed on the two tanks.

Phase Two: At this point Noth will teleport to his balcony and he will summon Plague Champions and Plague Guardians.  The Guardians need to be targeted first since they cast Arcane Explosion and can cause a good amount of raid wide damage. 

During this phase make sure to keep the raid topped of with chain heal or a combo of riptide and LHW.  This will make any Arcane Explosions less stressful on you.

These phases will cycle three times.  After the third time you will need to burn Noth down or he will enrage and wipe the raid, making the time after Noth returns from his balcony the first time a very crucial time in the encounter.

Once Noth has teleported back after phase two and the warrior has gained aggro control, cast blood lust, drop your fire elemental totem and start DPS’ing and heal when needed.  Your raid will want to do all it can to get Noth down at this point.

heigantheuncleanHeigan the Unclean: After working your way through a bevy of bats, worms and other trash you will come upon the keeper of the Naxxramas house music and coordinator or all Lich King’s raves, Heigan.

This encounter is all about paying attention.  During this fight there are two phases.  Phase one is the tank/dps phase and phase two is the dance phase.

Phase One: During this phase the tank and all the melee DPS will engage Heigan on the main floor while the range DPS and the healers are on the Heigan’s platform.  During this phase, the tank and the DPS will have to move Heigan around the room avoiding the poison waves splashing up from the floor.  Pay attention to this part to get an idea of the pattern of the splashed.  Your job on this phase will be to heal the main tank and cleanse anyone who has been diseased.

Phase Two: At this point Heigan has had enough his dance and will force you as a raid to dance for him.  Heigan will teleport back to his platform and the raid must gather together in what is known as quarter one.  During this time you will need to move from quarter to quarter avoiding the poison splashed.  The patter is 1…2…3…4…3…2…1…2…3…4…3…2…1.  If you are new to this encounter pay attention to nothing but yourself and the waves.  Once you have gotten used to this you will be able to use riptide during the dance to heal up those who have been hit by the waves.

As long as you pay attention this is a rather easy fight.  Drop your totems as you normally would.  Bloodlust can be kept for the second phase one or used right away once the tank has aggro.

loathebLoatheb: Loatheb is the final boss of the Plague Wing and can drive healers absolutely crazy the first few times they fight him.  Loatheb has three things to worry about, Deathbloom a 200 nature damage instant cast and a 1200 DoT that is raid wide, Doom that causes 4000 shadow damage raid wide and Necrotic aura that will reduce healing by 100%…yes you cannot heal at all when this is up, even health stones and health pots do not work during this time.  You can cast, but it will be a waste of mana.

During the fight you will be doing primarily DPS since if Loatheb is not killed fast enough he will enrage and wipe the raid.  So your job will be to get a fungal creep buff from the spore and nuke, nuke and nuke.

Now, don’t forget you are a healer and every 20 seconds you will get to be a healer for 3 seconds, the time fram between Necrotic Aura fading and getting recast.  In ten man you will either be the tank/raid healer or the raid healer.  Either way, you will need to be quick.  Here is how you can heal in both situations.

Tank/Raid Healing – 2 seconds before Necrotic Aura has faded queue up a HW on the tank.  This should hit just after the Aura has faded.  Then quickly cast riptide on yourself or a DPS and then cast chain heal.  It might take some practice but if timed right you can get three heals off in 3 seconds.

Raid Healing – 2 seconds before aura has faded, chose the lowest hp member in a group and queue up chain heal. This will hit just as aura fades.  At this point determine who your next target will be and Riptide them and chain heal them, this will give you a boosted chain heal for those around them.

Repeat these steps every 17 seconds and you will be fine.  Just make sure that you are paying attention to your mana since you will be DPS’ing during the fight.  Make sure to drop a mana tide around 60% mana and pop a mana pot toward the end when the raid damage starts stacking up pretty heavily.  Don’t be shy about asking for help.  If there are any Paladins, Druids or other shaman in the raid ask them to heal during those three seconds if things are getting rough for you.

Congratulations, you have just cleared the Plague Wing and survived one of the most stressful healing encounters in the game.  Next stop on your tour on Naxxramas will be the Abomination Wing where you will meet your next healing challenge, Patchwerk.