Very well. Let the game begin. – Echo of Midivh


This is part seven of my short Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. Today we focus on the The Chess Event.


It is time to take a breather and relax for a little bit, because this will be the biggest challenge you have faced all night.  You are now going head to head with the big man himself, Midivh…well the Echo of Midivh actually.


Just remember, if you wipe on this encouter…end the raid, delete your toon, log off, cancel you account, break your WoW disks in half, burn them, stomp on them and then go cry in the corner because you are so full of fail it isn’t even funny.


Now go and have fun.  Since there are no real Shaman tactics here, I ask you to review this encounter on any of the many strategy websites that are out there.  Just remember to move the pawns out of the way of the big boys.

Resto Shaman Loot:


Now that you have had your rest, it is time to move on up to what may be the best or the worst fight of the night…the big man himself, Prince Malchzaar.