Who are you? What do you want? Stay away from me! – Shade of Aran
This is part six of my short Resto -Shaman guides to Karazhan. Today we focus on the The Shade of Aran.
Curator is down and you are off to the library where you will be met with the angriest librarian I have seen since Mrs. Stingle my grade school librarian. Luckily, Aran doesn’t wield the 12 inch, metal edged ruler of +5 vs. children.

You will need to pay 100% attention to this fight. Yup, stop mashing that chain heal button for a second and get your face out of the keyboard. There will be a number of things that you will need to do on this fight other than just healing. You will need to know when to move, when NOT TO MOVE (Flame Wreath) and when to stun.

Also, Aran doesn’t have an agro table so anyone is free game to him, much like Dorothy in the Oz opera event.

Shade of Aran:

  • It doesn’t really matter who you earth shield on this fight. Usually out of habit I will ES the tank, but you may want to put it on the lowest HP person in the raid to help heal a little bit.
  • Drop standard Totems for your group. If you would like, you can drop the Grounding totem to absorb Aran’s Frost, Fire or Arcane attacks, but I would rather have Windfury or Wrath of Air down to speed up DPS since most of Aran’s cast should be interrupted.
  • Use rank 1 Earth Shock to help interrupt Aran’s casting. Work out with the raid group who will interrupt which spells.
  • Keep the raid topped off with Chain Heal, make sure not to let them get too low.
  • Pop a mana pot when your mana is at 70%-75%, usually this will allow you to get another pot in during the end of the fight.
  • When Aran pulls you into the middle of the room, get to the outer wall fast or the Arcane explosion will probably kill you.
  • DON’T MOVE DURING FLAME WREATH! You will wipe the Raid.
  • Avoid the Blizzard. If you get caught in it, you will be slowed down and will take considerable amounts of damage.
  • Blood Lust at 25%. Try to do it after an arcane explosion. Having Blood Lust up when you are walking to the outer part of the room is just a waist.

This isn’t a very difficult fight, but healing/interrupt management is the key. This will be a good test of your ability to handle raid heals and management and your raid’s ability to listen to instructions and move when needed and not move when needed.


Resto Shama Loot:

Next time we will go over the Guild killer known as the Chess Event.