‘Your impurity must be cleansed.’ – Maiden of Virtue

This is part three of my short Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. Moroes has been downed and you have two options, head off directly to the Opera event or take a side trip to the guest chambers to meet the Maiden of Virtue. The Maiden is one of the first “optional” bosses in Karazhan but if you are reading this guide I highly recommend that you take the time to down her since the loot table is very Resto-Shaman friendly.

The trash mobs leading up to the Maiden are not too difficult to deal with.  From Moroes to the guest chambers to trash pulls are the same as they were for Moroes.  Once in the guest chambers remember to drop your tremor totem since it breaks the Concubines temptation.

Boss: Maiden of Virture

Earth Shield:

  • Earth Shield Main Tank and keep it up at all times, especially for the repentance phase. Note: There is nothing more helpless as a healer than watching your Tank’s health drop while stunned.


  • Drop Grounding Totem and keep it up. Grounding Totem will Absorbs the Maiden’s Holy Fire.  Holy Fire on a totem is much better than Holy Fire on any of your DPS classes or god forbid…yourself.
  • Drop Searing Totem; she will target the totem and not a player. Note: This is the only totem she will target.


  • For this fight, I primarily only use chain heal.  I focus casting on the main tank allowing CH to jump to the other melee players.  I also use it once repentance has ended to top the raid off back to 100%.

Blood Lust:

  • Blood Lust at 20% after repentance.


  • If getting through repentance without heals is an issue during this fight, the tank can pull Maiden to a healer and her aoe damage will knock the healer out the stun.

Note: If you have a couple of Shamans, this is a rather easy fight. With multiple Grounding Totems up, it greatly reduces the amount of healing needed during this fight.

Resto Shama Loot: