As of Saturday night Jagerbombz logged off of Hellscream (US) for the last time.  During the past few weeks I have thought about leaving WoW behind (again) but Saturday night I made the decision.  It was not easy though.  For as much as the spark to play is gone and the urge to raid has left, the friendships I have forged in the depths of Kara and Naxx are stronger than ever and I will miss being with my friends every night.

I want to thak all of you that have come out and found my little corner of the interwebs.  At no point did I ever imagine the blog would have survived this long, long enough that is for WoW insider to link to me on how Naxx made me a worse player.  Now that is 15 minutes of auspicous fame.

So again, thank you all, it has been fun.

Jagerbombz – Retired