‘Hmm, unannounced visitors? Preparations must be made.’ – Moroes

This is part two of my short Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan.  After Attumen, the next boss that you will encounter in Karazhan will be Moroes.  Moroes can be found in the dining room hosting a party for his spectral guest.  Moroes is flanked by his V.I.Ps that will need to be dealt with prior to the downing of Moroes.

Note: This fight will test your raid’s ability to handle multiple targets along with the boss. It may take a couple of times to get this fight down, but once you got it, a well fought Moroes battle is something to be proud of

For the full strategy for this fight and kill order for Moroes guest, please visit Boss Killers, the one stop source for all your boss killing needs.

Before you can get to the dining room you will need to make your way through the dance hall.  This room consist of both single elite pulls as well as aoe trash pulls.  As a shaman, here are some tips for the trash pulls.

Trash Pulls: AoE Pulls

  • Pop your +heal trinkets, drop Wrath of Air and Earth Shield your main aoe caster.
  • Just after the pull drop your fire nova/magma totem by the tank to help out the aoe damage.
  • Have the aoe casters stack on each other and spam max rank CH on the main aoe Casters. Note: It isn’t truly a real raid euntil you loose a caster on aoe pulls, don’t let it get you down if someone dies, it happens all the time.

Boss: Moroes and his Dinner Guests

Earth Shield:

  • Earth Shield one of the tanks on Moroes, or a caster assigned to shackle or kite, it doesn’t really matter for this fight.


  • Totems will be dictated by your group’s make up. Drop specific totems if you are in a caster or tank/melee group.
  • If you are the only shaman in the raid and there is no druid it might be best to be placed in the tank group for the Poison Cleansing Totem to cure Blindness.


  • Chain Heal Tanks fighting for aggro on Moroes.
  • Raid heal as much as possible if not assigned to a tank, assess garroted target and heal if toon is absolutely needed if not, sadly…let them go.

Blood Lust:

  • Blood Lust around 20%. Note:Make sure it is just after Moroes comes out of vanish. There is nothing more embarrassing that popping Blood Lust and not having anything to do.


  • Earth Shock will interrupt Millstipe’s Mana Burn
  • Purge Paly buffs on Moroes if possible.

Resto Shaman Loot: