Even though I might not healing raids any more doesn’t mean the interwebs are going to be lacking of my odd sense of humor and useless wit.  If you choose to do so, and I recommend you think twice about doing so, you can find me at http://nerditude.wordpress.com/.  And for old time sake, one more gratuitous kitten picture for the road.


Frogger for the win!



As of Saturday night Jagerbombz logged off of Hellscream (US) for the last time.  During the past few weeks I have thought about leaving WoW behind (again) but Saturday night I made the decision.  It was not easy though.  For as much as the spark to play is gone and the urge to raid has left, the friendships I have forged in the depths of Kara and Naxx are stronger than ever and I will miss being with my friends every night.

I want to thak all of you that have come out and found my little corner of the interwebs.  At no point did I ever imagine the blog would have survived this long, long enough that is for WoW insider to link to me on how Naxx made me a worse player.  Now that is 15 minutes of auspicous fame.

So again, thank you all, it has been fun.

Jagerbombz – Retired

I am going to take a new approach to starts for Ulduar. Normally I would go into the fights, work out strats and then write them up. This time I would like to have others help out in the strats.

Within the comments put in any strats or tricks you have for a the boss mentioned and from that a strat post will be made. I would like this to be an open forum for discusing raid encounters to better help those guild who are not in the top 5% and are still having troubles in Ulduar.

Our first Boss – Razorscale…Discuss.

Ok, back in we go. Lets see what happens.

Woot, trash mobs back up.
Razerscale…ouch, raid damage is a bit much lets try a change of pace.
XT-002 is Ulduar’s Mike Tyson and crap more raid damage.
Night neds with 9/10 of the raid in Ulduar and me locked out…bed time.

Next time I will be more careful what I ask for. I wanted a challenge and now all I am doing is regretting being a healer.

I got to play around a little bit last night with both the Tournament and uldar and here is what I have found so far.

1) There are no earth shattering changes to the Resto Shaman to warrant any drastic build changes.
2) I now get kings instead of wisdom so I can benifit from my mana totem.
3) The tournament has the possibility of being cool, it has the feel of an in game Ren Faire.
4) Naxx has made me sloppy.
5) Naxx has made me lazy.
6) Naxx made me forget what it was like to really heal.
7) Ulduar trash is harder than expected.

Over all I like what I have seen, but as usualy there are some kinks that need to get worked out. Once that is done I think this will be one of Blizz’s greatest WoW patches.

Well the day I we have been waiting for has finally arrived. The plan tonight is to attempt Uldar, but as most patch nights are it will be a night of updating mods and dealing wtih queues and down time. Lets hope for the best.

Well, first and fore most, all the damages sustained to the guild and myself after my account was hacked have been resolved 100%.  I would like to thank the staff at Blizzard for acting quickly and for the fast turn around on getting all the lost items back.

I have been playing around healing 25 man Naxx runs with a scheduled PuG group.  These runs have allowed me to not only improve my gear, but allowed me to get a better understanding of raid healing at the 25 man level.  All I can say is I have never spammed chain heal so much in my life.

I also have been spending the off nights messing around as enhancement.  I was able to coble together a decent off set collection and have been working on getting to know enhancement in preperation for 3.1.  I am no means a DPS machine but I have been able to hold my own in heroics and some 10 man raids.  One thing I have found though is that it is nice to focus on one target and not 10/25 targets at a time for once.

Once 3.1 comes out, hopefully I will have time to write up raid guides as well as the changes to the resto shaman, which at this point don’t seem to be earth shattering different other than the fact out mana totem and our paladin friends dont mix any more…boooooooo!

Till then, keep healing, keep pow powing and pew pewing and pray that 3.1 one drops soon.

After work yesterday I was able to assess the damages done to jager and honestly it could have been so much worse.

After logging in Jager was there and still dressed in what he had logged off on. Checking my inventory my cash was gone as well as most of my extra gear (mace collection, MP5 rings and DPS trinkets). My personal bank was still full and all items accounted for. The guild bank on the ohter hand was a different story.

It seems that all of the first tab had been cleaned out. The only thing that saved the rest was a guildy that recognized that Jager was not me and made some calls and got people on to clear out the bank before Jager could. Now that was fast thinking.

Currently the hack is under investigation and I should hear back in a few days on what I can expect to get back if anything. Honestly, if I get nothing back I would be willing to accept that since Jager is still almost intact.

I do want to give a big thanks to Juduz who realized that Jager was not me just because Jager never said hello and that Jager never logs on at 7am. That was qucik thinking and I thank you for that. Plus I am sure that his constant harrasment of the hacker got him nervous which is why most of my stuff is still around.

Also a big thaks to Tommy for calling me and the Blizz staff for thier help. Within in a half hour of the call my account was locked down and back in my hands.

I am sure some of my more loyal readers (reader) have noticed that updates have been slow. Well this trend will probably continue for a little bit as we prepare for 3.1. Until then, my time will be spent mostly on work, recovering from the account hack, raiding some 25 man content and catching up on some sleep. As 3.1 approaches I will start write ups on Resto shaman changes as well as prepare for the Uldar raid guides.


March 11th, 2009 9:54 AM CST I recieve a call. 

“Hey it’s Tommyox, has anyone called you yet?”

I think the worst, something horrible has happened to someone in the guild.  I start feeling sick as Tom continues…

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…Jager has been hacked.”

My initial feeling of worry turns into complete anger as I begin working out how to get the account back in my hands ASAP while still at work.  I call Blizzard and the support team resets everyting quickly to lock out the hacker.  So my evening of finishing up Naxx now is a night of rebuilding the damage done…which at this point I have no idea of all that has been done.

So there you have it.  Jager is pissed and there is nothing worse than a pissed off tauren.  If who ever did this happens to read my blog, know this.  If I ever find you I will place my totems so far up your a$$ you will be spitting toothpicks.