Jagerbombz is a PvE Resto Shaman who has been spending some time in the big boy land of PvP.  I thought I was pretty uber but I was quickly put in my place, which I found happens to be face down, eathing dirt. 

While waiting to rez at the graveyards  I have had plenty of time to think about ways to make PvP for a PvE’er a little easier.  I have taken these thoughts and some of my observations from the battleground to make a list of PvP tips to make your days in the battlegrounds a little easier.  I hope they will help you as much as they have helped me. 

Welfare Epics for the win!

Follow the Lasers  – 7/21/2009

I ❤ Flag – 7/22/2009

Smelling Smoke – 7/24/2009

Say what!? – 7/25/2009

Ignore the New Guy – 7/29/2009

Chaos Theory – 7/30/2008

It’s Not a Dirty Word – 7/31/2008

Know Your Enemy – 8/7/2008

Ask Ollie – 8/13/2008