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horde-logo-wow-warcraft2Project Panzer is a new weekly series on life at the other end of chain heal where Jager takes the time and learns what it is like walk the path of his warrior brethren.

As a Resto Shaman my life is about watching health bars. My job is to make sure those bars stay as green as possible and to make sure the health bars of the tanks do not hit zero. Raid healing is tedious, strenuous and sometimes boring…and you know…I love every minute of it.

My raid group is lucky to have two very intelligent competent warrior tanks that I have grown to love running with. I know both tanks very well and can anticipate what they will do which makes healing them that much easier. During a recent PuG raid though I realized just how spoiled I am.

During an OS 25-man run, the tank had the hardest time getting agro, controlling the mob and keeping things under control. I was very critical of their mistakes but did the most I could to help them out. By the end, the raid was successful, but only after numerous attempts. After paying 50 gold for the repair bill, I mentioned I could have tanked that better than him, drunk and half asleep. After the frustration passed, I thought to myself, could I actually have been able to out tank him? I am an OK healer, but do I have the skills to be a tank? Could I actually pull it off?

At the end of that night Panzerbombz was born, Orc warrior, born to serve Thrall and to battle for the honor of the horde. Panzer is to be my looking glass into the warrior class allowing me to learn the ways of the tank and to better understand the class in an attempt to make me a better healer. Each week will see updates on Panzer’s progression along with insights on class talents and leveling as a fury warrior.

What! You think I would level protection? I may be crazy, but I am not stupid.

Next time I will take a look at the first levels as a warrior and how much I miss being able to heal myself while I level.