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This is part three of my Resto-Shaman guides to Naxxramas. These guides are designed with the Resto-Shaman in mind, but may be beneficial for any healer. These guides are a condensed overview of each Naxxramas encounter allowing the Resto Shaman to understand their roll in the raid and are not a full instance guide.

You have conquered your fear of spiders, you have defeated the plague and now it is time to for you to step into a big pile of flesh and goo known as the Plague Wing so trap on your boots and prepare to get messy.

Naxxramas: Abomination Wing

Trash: The first part of the Abomination wing’s trash is made up of, well, Abominations and slimes and some weird scientist. They tend to disease their targets so make sure to be quick with the cleansing. The hardest part about healing through the trash is the effect from the slime rivers that reduce health and mana by 50%. If you or your tank is not paying attention you may go out of mana when pretty quickly and that may lead to a wipe. Just make sure to mana up once you get past the rivers to be safe.

Patchwerk: Patch is the first Abomination wing boss and the test to prove if you are ready to continue into Naxxramas. He has a 6 minute enrage timer so he needs to be killed as quickly as possible. Healing this encounter can be very strenuous for a new healer.

Only the main and off tank will be taking damage, but they will be taking a ton of damage. The off tank will be taking the most damage from deadly strikes while the main tank takes the normal hits. Your goal will be to keep up with the damage to keep the tank topped off as much as possible. This can be done with either big bang HW heals, or quick LHW heals with earth shield on your target. You CAN chain heal this, but normally it is not needed. I will only use chain heal if my other healer needs help on the other tank.

While the DPS is racing to kill Patch, you are in the middle of a mana marathon. Unless you have a ton of MP5 and a big mana pool, mana will be an issue. I found that it is best drop mana tide at 65% and then a mana pot when you are back down to 50%. Try as much as possible to not spam heals allowing you to regen a little more mana, you will need every bit of mana you can get.

Grobulus: Not only is Grobulus a pain in the butt, he is also the lamest looking boss in all of Naxrammas. During this fight the tank will kite Grob around the room. During this time there are two things to watch for. The first is the Injections that Grob puts on a random raid member. DO NOT CLEANSE THIS! If you do there will be an AoE poop cloud that will cause damage to anyone near it. When someone gets the injection they will run to an area behind where Grob was and the wait for the effect to drop the cloud out of the way of the raid. Your job will be to heal that person as they come back since the injection will have taken a nice big chunk of their health away.

Grob will also spawn an add for everyone that is hit with his slime spray…which should only be one since the spray should only be aimed at the tank. Make sure to keep an eye out for the slime and avoid it and heal the off tank assigned to pick up the slimes.

As for totems I tend to drop them in the middle of the room. This allows for the best chance for the raid to get their benefit as they move around the room.

Gluth: The sweet little puppy of the abomination wing. During this fight you will be asked to do more than just heal, you will have to help on puppy chow duty.

During the fight zombies will spawn in the back and if they make it to Gluth he will eat them and regen health, so two or three people will be in the back of the room gathering up the adds and slowing them down. Your job will be to keep these people healed as well as aiding in the zombie round up. Make sure to have earth bind totem up to slow the movement speed of the zombies and nuke the random runner with frost shock to get them back to the kite group.

During the fight, Gluth will cast decimate, reducing the raids health to 10%. Make sure to get everyone up as fast as possible (Chain heal and LHW for the win). At this point the raid will be AoE the zombies that are now on a bee line for Gluth. Make sure to have earth bind down and drop your fire elemental for added damage. After decimate and all the zombies have been killed or eaten, the cycle starts over and you will head to the back of the room and start the process of gathering zombies again. Normally there will be two decimate cycles during the encounter.

Thaddius: The final boss of the Abomination Wing and the idiot check for Naxx. The first part will require the raid to split into two groups to kill Stalagg and Feugen at the same time. The make up of the raid will dictate which mini boss you heal. If you are the only raid healer, you will heal Feugen and his AoE damage, if there is a druid or a priest they are better to heal that fight and you can heal the single target damage on Stalagg. Either way, you will end up healing both tanks since they are tossed back and forth platform to platform.

Once the wonder twins have been killed, it is time to make the jump to Thaddius’s platform. Fail point number one is missing the platform and having to swim back. During the Taddius will cast a static charge on the raid (Positive or Negative) your job is to move to the side designated for your particular charge and keep moving each time your charge changes.

Depending in your raid, you will either just be healing the tank in really good raids, or spamming chain heal due to Fail point number two, people with two different charges damaging each other. Either way, healing will be a challenge but will be doable.


This is part two of my Resto-Shaman guides to Naxxramas. These guides are designed with the Resto-Shaman in mind, but may be beneficial for any healers. These guides are a condensed overview of each Naxxramas encounter allowing the Resto Shaman to understand their roll in the raid.


You have probably conquered your fear of spiders and maybe even gotten “Arachnophobia”.  The next logical step in Naxxramas will probably be the topic of this guide, the Plague Wing.  The encounters in the Plague Wing are more about coordination than anything and you will need to be on the ball if you wish to keep your raid alive.

Naxxramas: Plague Wing

Trash: The trash in the Plague wing will consist of gargoyles, oozes, slimes, worms and bats oh my.  The only thing to really keep an eye out for is any diseases, make sure to cleanse them as quickly as possible or drop a disease cleansing totem if the majority of the raid is getting plagued.

nothNoth the Plaguebringer: The first boss encounter in the Plague Wing is the a former Wizard/Alchemist of Dalaran, Noth.  This encounter is broken up into two repeating phases.

Phase One: Noth will be engaged by the main tank.  During this time he will curse three random raid members.  It is important that you de-curse these s quickly as possible within 10 second.  If you rail to remove the curses, both the targeted raid member and anyone near them will take a significant amount of damage.

Also during this time, Noth sill summon Plague Warriors that will need to be picked up by the off tank and DPS’ed down by a couple of the raid members.

As a healer, this phase is all about cleansing.  As long as you can cleanse your raid healing will be only needed on the two tanks.

Phase Two: At this point Noth will teleport to his balcony and he will summon Plague Champions and Plague Guardians.  The Guardians need to be targeted first since they cast Arcane Explosion and can cause a good amount of raid wide damage. 

During this phase make sure to keep the raid topped of with chain heal or a combo of riptide and LHW.  This will make any Arcane Explosions less stressful on you.

These phases will cycle three times.  After the third time you will need to burn Noth down or he will enrage and wipe the raid, making the time after Noth returns from his balcony the first time a very crucial time in the encounter.

Once Noth has teleported back after phase two and the warrior has gained aggro control, cast blood lust, drop your fire elemental totem and start DPS’ing and heal when needed.  Your raid will want to do all it can to get Noth down at this point.

heigantheuncleanHeigan the Unclean: After working your way through a bevy of bats, worms and other trash you will come upon the keeper of the Naxxramas house music and coordinator or all Lich King’s raves, Heigan.

This encounter is all about paying attention.  During this fight there are two phases.  Phase one is the tank/dps phase and phase two is the dance phase.

Phase One: During this phase the tank and all the melee DPS will engage Heigan on the main floor while the range DPS and the healers are on the Heigan’s platform.  During this phase, the tank and the DPS will have to move Heigan around the room avoiding the poison waves splashing up from the floor.  Pay attention to this part to get an idea of the pattern of the splashed.  Your job on this phase will be to heal the main tank and cleanse anyone who has been diseased.

Phase Two: At this point Heigan has had enough his dance and will force you as a raid to dance for him.  Heigan will teleport back to his platform and the raid must gather together in what is known as quarter one.  During this time you will need to move from quarter to quarter avoiding the poison splashed.  The patter is 1…2…3…4…3…2…1…2…3…4…3…2…1.  If you are new to this encounter pay attention to nothing but yourself and the waves.  Once you have gotten used to this you will be able to use riptide during the dance to heal up those who have been hit by the waves.

As long as you pay attention this is a rather easy fight.  Drop your totems as you normally would.  Bloodlust can be kept for the second phase one or used right away once the tank has aggro.

loathebLoatheb: Loatheb is the final boss of the Plague Wing and can drive healers absolutely crazy the first few times they fight him.  Loatheb has three things to worry about, Deathbloom a 200 nature damage instant cast and a 1200 DoT that is raid wide, Doom that causes 4000 shadow damage raid wide and Necrotic aura that will reduce healing by 100%…yes you cannot heal at all when this is up, even health stones and health pots do not work during this time.  You can cast, but it will be a waste of mana.

During the fight you will be doing primarily DPS since if Loatheb is not killed fast enough he will enrage and wipe the raid.  So your job will be to get a fungal creep buff from the spore and nuke, nuke and nuke.

Now, don’t forget you are a healer and every 20 seconds you will get to be a healer for 3 seconds, the time fram between Necrotic Aura fading and getting recast.  In ten man you will either be the tank/raid healer or the raid healer.  Either way, you will need to be quick.  Here is how you can heal in both situations.

Tank/Raid Healing – 2 seconds before Necrotic Aura has faded queue up a HW on the tank.  This should hit just after the Aura has faded.  Then quickly cast riptide on yourself or a DPS and then cast chain heal.  It might take some practice but if timed right you can get three heals off in 3 seconds.

Raid Healing – 2 seconds before aura has faded, chose the lowest hp member in a group and queue up chain heal. This will hit just as aura fades.  At this point determine who your next target will be and Riptide them and chain heal them, this will give you a boosted chain heal for those around them.

Repeat these steps every 17 seconds and you will be fine.  Just make sure that you are paying attention to your mana since you will be DPS’ing during the fight.  Make sure to drop a mana tide around 60% mana and pop a mana pot toward the end when the raid damage starts stacking up pretty heavily.  Don’t be shy about asking for help.  If there are any Paladins, Druids or other shaman in the raid ask them to heal during those three seconds if things are getting rough for you.

Congratulations, you have just cleared the Plague Wing and survived one of the most stressful healing encounters in the game.  Next stop on your tour on Naxxramas will be the Abomination Wing where you will meet your next healing challenge, Patchwerk.

This is part one of my Resto-Shaman guides to Naxxramas. These guides are designed with the Resto-Shaman in mind, but may be beneficial for any healers. These guides are a short, bulleted overview of each Naxxramas encounter allowing the Resto Shaman to understand their roll in the raid.
Welcome to Naxxramas, the floating citadel of the Lich King’s minions.  Within it’s walls you will find some of the most notorious and nefarious this side of Icecrown. Upon zoning in, you will face your first challenge, Mr.. Bigglesowrth.  Once his fate has been decided make your way to the first wing of Naxxramas that most raids start with…the spider wing.

Naxxramas: Spider Wing

Trash: Trash in the spider wing is well…spiders.  Make sure to cleanse poisons or keep poison cleansing totem down if mana is not an issue since you will loose mana tide for the poison cleansing totem.

anubrekhanAnub’Rekhan: This is the first boss you will encounter in the Spider wing. He is alone in a large round room. The basic fight is a tank and spank with a spawned adds until phase two. This is where AR cast locust swarm and the raid group collapses into the center of the room while the tank kites AR around the perimeter of the room (12 to 6 then 6 to 12).  This cycle repeats until he is dead or he hits the enrage timer and the raid is wiped.

During the locust swarm the main tank is usually out of range for heals without the healer getting within range locust swarm. To help get the tank through this phase cast a fresh earth shield on the tank and well as a riptide. Between the shield and the HoT from riptide it should be enough to get the tank to his next tanking position.

While the tank is kiting AR around the room, the rest of the raid is in the middle of the room taking out adds.  During this time, you will probably be healing the off tank and the raid via chain heal.  If you are able to handle the healing on your own, have the second healer move to roughly 7 or just right of the entrance.  This will allow the healer to be in position to heal the main tank right away while avoiding the locust swarm.  

Since AR has a 10 minute enrage timer you will want to have the DPS burn him down as quickly as possible.  Once the main tank has establish agro, pop bloodlust.  If the fight last long enough and you have a second shaman you can have another bloodlust for the end of the fight.

As for totems, I usually place them in the middle of the room and drop mana tide around 65-70% mana.  This allows me to keep near full mana and will allow for a second mana tide toward the end of the fight.

grandwidowGrand Widow Faerlina: GWF is Boss number two in a room full of spiders and acolytes. The room is cleared group by group be having the tank pulling each group by line of sight pulling them. Once the room is cleared, only GWF and four adds are left.

The fight requires some coordination. The main tank will engage GWF on the platform and the off tank will grab the adds and move them to one side of the stairs. Each time GWF goes into frenzy, the main tank will pull her to adds where the DPS will burn one down quick to proc Widow’s Embrace to remove GWF’s frenzy effect. Once frenzy is removed the tank will move her away until the next frenzy.  Rinse and repeat till she is dead.

Healing this fight isn’t very difficult.  The main tank doesn’t take too much significant damage, but there is a good chunk of AoE raid damage that needs to be healed and people will need to be on their toes when fighting so as to move out of the AoE affects.

Totems are standard, but GWF does do a AoE poison volley so if you are slow on cleansing a poison cleansing totem is a good idea.

maexxnaMaexxna: The final boss of the Spider wing and not an easy fight for arachnophobics.

There are two things to be aware of during this fight, Web Wrap and Web Spray.  Web Wrap will target a random raid member wrapping them in a cocoon and tossing them against the back wall.  The web needs to be killed off fast to keep the person alive.

Web spray on the other hand is on a 40 second timer and is 4 second raid wide incapacitate.

Along with the web effects, every 30 seconds Maex will spawn spider adds that will need to be picked up by the off tank and AoE’d down.

During the fight there is some nasty poison to deal with. Necrotic Poison reduces heals on the tank by 75% which that needs to be cleansed right away if you plan on keeping the tank healed at all.

As for healing, it is much like a tank and spank.  When Web Spray is cast you can’t heal or cleanse so just before Web Spray make sure to cast a fresh earth shield and a riptide and drop your poison cleansing totem to help the tank survive during the 4 seconds.  If needed pop Nature Swiftness and Healing Wave if you have fallen behind healing the tank.

At 30% Maex will frenzy causing 50% more damage.  At this point you will want to increase heals on the tank and pop blood lust.  Just before Web Wrap make sure your tank shield walls and regens, assuming you have a warrior tank.  If you cannot get Maex down before the next web wrap have the off tank pick her up and shield wall and regen again…assuming your off tank is also a warrior.

Congratulations, the spider wing is cleared and if you did it in less than 20 minutes you will have gotten the Arachnophobia achievement.  In the next guide we will go off into the plague wing for some instruction, a dance and three second heal windows.