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187px-maidenofvirtueInstance: Karazhan

Boss: Maiden of Virtue

Tip: During this fight, the Maiden cast Holy Fire causing a large amount of damage to a single target causing death if not removed immediately.  The best way to handle this though is to not let Holy Fire get cast onto a raid member.  To achieve this, you can drop your grounding totem to aborb the Holy Fire spell.  Just remember to refresh the totem if it expires or if it is destroyed after it is hit with Holy Fire.  The more Shaman you have the easier the fight is if they all drop grounding totem.


Last night was our first night back into Kara after 3.0.2 went live.  There was some concern over how we would fair since we all had class changes we weren’t very familiar with.  We did know that the mobs had been nerfed and our tanks could dps more so we had that going for us.  Well, our concerns were unfounded. Karazhan is no longer the Kara we knew.  What used to be the initial test of your raid group that required focus and had 10 minute fights is now more like your local church’s Sunday cake walk.  We finished Kara in about 3 hours which included some afk time as well as a server crash.

What surprised me most was the speed that the bosses were down.  Keep in mind that the times are approximate and that we are a well geared tier 4 guild…no tier 6 uberness for our raids.

Attunmen – missed it but sounded fast.

Moroes – 2 min 30 sec

Maiden – 1 min 30 sec

Romulo and Julianne – 3 minutes

Nightbane – 5 minutes, each ground phased ended before he could fear.

Curator – 3 minutes, killed after one evocation.

Illhoof – 3 minutes, only 2 Imp spawns.

Aran – 4 minutes, elementals were still a pain and nuked most of the healers.

Netherspite – 5 minutes, only lasted one phase shift.

Chess – King moved up right away and was killed in 3 minutes.

Prince – 4 minutes, only 4 infernals.

This run was almost silly.  The tanks barely took damage and I was healing for more than I ever had.  Best of all, I never ran out of mana thanks to a decent mp5, mana spring and my new best friend, improved water shield.

 The next test will be ZA.  Hopefully we will see the same effect on ZA as we did Kara.  Hopefully all your runs will go just as well as ours did.

After the patch many things have changed, and in response to these changes I thought it best to put an overall update to running Karazhan as a Resto Shaman rather than updating each individual raid guide since in a month, Karazhan will probably be abandoned and so will my guides.

Consumables: The need for weapon oil is no longer needed now that we have the Earth Living spell.  Keep an eye on it and refresh when needed, since it only last 30 minutes.

Mana pots, well have a couple on hand.  I used on in our last Kara raid, but chain chugging is now a thing of the past.

Totems: This is one of the bigger changes since totems are raid wide.  You will now have to dictate which totem to drop on the raid make up.  If your raid make up is melee heavy drop windfury, if it is caster heavy drop wrath of air.  Still drop mana stream though for all the casters and healers.

Shields: Keep water shield up at all times.  Assuming you have taken improved water shield you will be consuming more orbs than you are used to.

Cast Rotations: I have found that my casting is still chain heal based, but with a flare of rip tide.  For boss fights I cast riptide on the main tank and let the HoT keep him up, but if needed I cast chain heal to get the 25% increase and have found that makes chain heal even better as a mana efficient single target heal.

Blood lust:  Well there is not a timer that keeps from chaining multiple blood lusts.  If you are the only Shaman blood lust as normal and if there are multiple shamans, blood lust in the very beginning and then toward the end of the fight blood lust again, if possible.

Hopefully this will help you out for the next couple of weeks while Karazhan is still relevant.  Once the expansion hits I would be very surprised to see anyone around Deadwind pass until people hit level 80 and try to five man Kara.

‘What devil art thou, that dost torment me thus?’ – Julianne


This is part 4.3 of my Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. This we focus on one of the more unique encounters in karazhan, the Opera .  The Opera event is a random encounter that can be one of three options, The Big Bad Wolf, The Wizard of Oz or Romeo and Juliet.  Each fight is unique and will test your raid’s ability to handle a particular raiding skill (Tank n’ Spank, Crowd Control, Raid Coordination).  Lest focus on the last of the three, the raid coordinating Romulo and Julianne.


One thing to note during this fight is that you will first fight Julianne, the Romulo spawns on her death.  Once Romulo is dead they wll both respawn and will need to be killed with in 10 sec of each other.

Boss: Julianne (Phase 1)

Earth Shield:

  • Earth Shield the main tank as normal.


  • Drop totems as normal for group makeup.


  • Heal as normal, focusing on the main tank for most of the fight.

Blood Lust:

  • Not yet.


  • Earth Shock will interrupt Juliannes Eternal Affection (Heal), her Powerful Attraction (Stun) and her Blinding Passion (6k Holy Damage)
  • Purge will remove Julianne’s Devotion (Increased Damage)

Boss: Romulo (Phase 2)

Earth Shield:

  • Earth Shield the main tank as normal.


  • Drop totems as normal for group makeup, if in the group with the main tank drop Poison Cleansing Totem to remove Romulo’s Poisoned Thrust effect.


  • Heal as normal, focusing on the main tank for most of the fight.

Blood Lust:

  • Not yet.


  • Purge will remove Romulo’s Daring (Increased Damage)

Boss: Romulo & Julianne (Phase 3)

During this portion of the fight you will need to be very attentive.  Normally, the raid will focus on Julianne while the off tank hold Romulo.  Once Julianne is down to 10-15% the raid moves on the Romulo.  Your main job will to heal both the raid and help interup Julianne’s Eternal Affection (Heal) so when Romulo is down to 15% the raid brings both of them together to kill each of them withing the 10 second timer.  Normally for this fight, Blood Lust is not needed.

Resto Shaman Loot – Big Bad Wolf:

·         Masquerade Gown

Resto Shaman Loot – Shared Opera:

·         Ribbon of Sacrifice

·         Earthsoul Leggings

‘Woe to each and every one of you my pretties!’– Crone


This is part 4.2 of my Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. This time we focus on one of the more unique encounters in karazhan, the Opera .  The Opera event is a random encounter that can be one of three options, The Big Bad Wolf, The Wizard of Oz or Romeo and Juliet.  Each fight is unique and will test your raid’s ability to handle a particular raiding skill (Tank n’ Spank, Crowd Control, Raid Coordination).  Lest focus on the second of the three, the crowd control focused Wizard of Oz.  

Boss: Dorthee, Roar, Strawman Tinhead, Tito

Earth Shield:

  • Earth shield the main tank who will be taking Tinhead.


  • Drop Tremor Totem to break Dorothee’s Fear.
  • Searing Totem works well on Strawman.
  • Fire Elemental works well on Strawman
  • Frost Resist Totem helps reduce the amount of damage from Dorothee’s Water Bolt.


  • Healing on this can be tricky, especially when Dorothee is up and hitting everyone.  Try to keep everyone topped off with chain heals.
  • Focus heals on the main tank who will be taking on Tinhead, once Dorthee is down he will be the person taking the most damage.

Blood Lust:

  • Not yet.


  • Earth Shcok does not interupt Dorthee’s Water Bolt.

Now that the Dorthee and her Friends are gone, it is time to face the evil Crone.

Boss: Crone

Earth Shield:

  • Earth shield the main tank who will be picking up the Crone’s on spawn.


  • Mana tide is usally good at this time to replenish the casters mana from the previould encounter.


  • Keep heals up on the main tank and make sure to heal those who have taken fall damage from the cyclone.  Healing is going to be tricky since you will be moving around the stage and we all know when it comes to shaman healing we are about as mobile as our totems.

Blood Lust:

  • Blood Lust at 20%

Resto Shaman Loot – Crone:

  • Nothing you should loot, just loot your 2 badges and be happy.

Resto Shaman Loot – Shared Opera:

·         Ribbon of Sacrifice

·         Earthsoul Leggings

“All the better to own you with!” – Big Bad Wolf


This is part 4.1 of my Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. This time we focus on one of the more unique encounters in Karazhan, the Opera .  The Opera event is a random encounter that can be one of three options, The Big Bad Wolf, The Wizard of Oz or Romeo and Juliet.  Each fight is unique and will test your raid’s ability to handle a particular raiding skill (Tank n’ Spank, Crowd Control, Raid Coordination).  Lest focus on the first of the three and usually the easiest of the three, The Tank n’ Spank known as The Big Bad Wolf.  

Boss: Big Bad Wolf

Earth Shield:

  • For the start of the fight, Earth Shield the Main tank who will be starting the encounter by talking to the little old lady.
  • Earth Shield who ever ends up being turned into the little red riding hood.


  • Drop Tremor Totem to break the Bad Wolf’s Fear.
  • Earth bind DOES NOT affect the big bad wolf at all.


  • Heal as normal, focusing on the main tank for most of the fight.
  • Once someone has turned into little red riding hood cast LHW to keep that person alive as they run from the big bad wolf.

Blood Lust:

  • Blood Lust at 20% as normal.


  • I have found that standing around the perimitter as a healer is a good idea.  This give you a good view of the battle as well as gives you a head start to running the perimitier of the stage if you get turned into little red ridding hood.

Resto Shaman Loot – Big Bad Wolf:

·         Big Bad Wolf’s Head

·         Red Riding Hood’s Cloak

Resto Shaman Loot – Shared Opera:

·         Ribbon of Sacrifice

·         Earthsoul Leggings

This is part eleven, the last of my short Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. Today we focus on Netherspite.  I do apologize for the delay of this guide, but I wanted to write this guide shortly after a Netherspite kill so that the encounter was still fresh in my head.  Well last night we took him down and today you get your guide.

The more and more I run Karazhan, the more I feel that this is actually a harder fight as a healer than even the Nightbane fight.  The need to heal the entire raid is very taxing on the mana of all the healers, especially Resto-Shamans.  You will also find that this fight will be testing your raids ability to coordinate and cooperate during a fight.  The keys to this fight are cooperation, communication and conservation.

Netherspite has a couple of abilities that you will need to be aware of as a healer.

1)       Nether Burn: An aura type spell that deals 1200 shadow damage.  This damage is raid wide and is the first of your mana sinks in this fight.

2)       Void Zones: These are nice black portals that appear randomly.  Make sure you are not in them, or if someone is in them tell them to move, or they will be down rather quickly.

3)       Netherbreath: A cone based 4.5k arcane damage attack with push back.  This will only happen during the banish phase and positioning is key, but an easy solution does exist.

Now there are two phases to the fight, “The cake is a lie” (Portal) phase and the tanking searing totem (Banish) phase.

Portal Phase: This phase consists of a Blue, Red and Green beams that need to be blocked.  I will not go into beam blocking tactics since as a healer you will normally not be doing any blocking.  Note: If during a portal phase you are low on mana you can jump into a green beam to fill your mana up, but be sure to watch your total mana, the longer you stay in the green beam the lower your mana pool becomes.


  • Earth Shield the first tank (The first tank to take the red beam, since he will have consistent agro.
  • Heal the raid as Nether Burns occur, pop a mana pot when early, this will allow for another pot to be ready come the next portal phase.
  • Heal the tank as needed, but you will probably be on raid heals for this phase.
  • Avoid the Void Zones!

Next, Netherspite will enter the banish phase.  At this time, the tanks and healers stay under Netherspite and face him to the door while everyone else heads to the windows to bandage, pot, stone to health and to avoid the Netherbreath.

Banish Phase: In this phase, Netherspite is banished, remains stationary but still vulnerable to all damage. He will not pursue players and has no agro table is still able to deal melee damage to you during this phase if you get too close to him

  • Heal the tanks, or it needed you can go and heal people at the windows if you have plenty of healers (three).

Ok, now I have a secret.  That is it, come closer, I don’t want many people to hear about this.  Ok, there is a totem that has gotten us into more trouble as we have leveled than any other.  You know the one…that searing totem.  Well now is the time that piece of lumber makes it up to us.  Now, just as the banish phase starts, run between Netherspite and the door and drop that totem and run.  Then sit back and giggle.  Netherspite will now start to Netherbreath the totem, but it seems that the totem doesn’t die.  If placed correctly, the totem will take all the breaths allowing for you to relax and regain some mana.

So that is it.  Netherspite will cycle between Portal and Banish phases for 10 minutes.  If you have not killed him by that point, he will enrage and wipe the raid.

Resto-Shaman Loot:

Well thats it. Karazhan is cleared.  Congratulations.  Hopefully you have gotten some nice phat letwz and all of your badges.  Now it is time to go run your dailies, give Gruul or ZA a shot and come back next week to do it all over again.

This is part ten of my short Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. Today we focus on Nightbane. 

Like Prince, Nightbane falls into a sub category of Karazhan raid bosses…”The Big Three”. These are the guys that are the real test of you and your raid.  These are the encounters that when you wipe it is maddening, but when succed there is nothing like it.  With that in mind, this guide will be a little more in-depth than my previous guides because I feel Nightbane and his other two friends are worth the extra work.

Pre Raid

To fight Nightbane, you will first need to summon him.  To do so, you must complete Medivh’s Journal quest to obtain the Blackened Urn.

Pre Fight:

Prepare for the fight as normal raid buffs and get as much healing and MP5 buffs as possible.  I highly recommend Golden Fish Sticks, Elixir of Healing Power, Brilliant Mana Oil and Elixir of Wisdom.

Next, pop your +healing trinkets and drop your wrath of air totem and give the tank a super buffed earth shield. Now, have the tank move to his starting position and have everyone else hang back with the raid group.

Summoning Nightbane/Ground Phase:

Have the person with the Blackened Urn run out to the tank and summon Nightbane.  At this point you will see Nightbane off in the distance. Once Nightbane lands, don’t do anything (This is where the beefed up Earth Shield is beneficial).  Once the tank has gotten agro, drop your totems (Mana Spring, Wrath of Air and Tremor Totem). 

At this point the tank is taking his beating.  This is where you will need to start healing proactively.  Start casting your big heals, if it is not needed, stop the casting and start casting again right away.

Nightbane will randomly cast charred earth.  This is a ground based AoE that causes some rather heafty damage.  Once charred earth has been cast, call it out and everyone will need to move out of it ASAP.  If needed cast chain heal on a couple of people to heal any damage that has been done to the raid.  I have found to see charred earth you need to have spell effects turned up all the way.  I don’t know if this is the same for everyone, but I did not see this AoE till I did move the effects to 100%.

At 75% Nightbane will take off and start the first of three air phase.

Air Phase (75%, 50% and 25%):

When Nightbane takes to the sky, everyone collapses in on the tank to avoid Nightbane’s fire barrage. At this point, 5 skeletons will spawn and the raid will need to kill them quickly.  Nightbane will also cast smoking blast that which lands on the person wit the most threat, which will almost always will be a healer.

During this phase I will do two things.  First, I will drop Fire Nova and Magma totem to aid in the AoE damage. I will also then spam chain heal targeting either myself of another healer to keep everyone topped off during this phase.  Once smoking blast and rain of bones ends, Nightbane will get ready to land, starting  the next ground phase.


This is the phase between the air and ground phase and is where most raids will wipe since there is an agro wipe.  The only thing you will do here is cast Earth Shield on the tank and pull your totems.  Don’t do anything until the tank has re-established agro.  After agro has been established, repeat what you had done for the previous ground phase.

So that is it, there are four ground phases and three air phases.  Here are a couple of things you will need to remember about this battle:

  • This is going to be a long fight. 
  • This is the healing test for your raid group. 
  • Make sure to keep an eye on your mana and try to manage it as best as possible.

For those who do enjoy the short guides, here is the condensed version.

Ground Phase: 

  • Earth Shield tank after dropping wrath of air and popping your +healing trinkets.
  • Drop your totems, especially tremor totem.
  • Keep an eye out for charred earth and call it out when it appears.

Pull totems until the tank has Nightbane under control.

Air Phase:

  • Collapse in on the tank.
  • Drop Fire Nova and Magma totems.
  • On the last ground phase, I drop the fire elemental.
  • Spam Chain Heal targeting the healers.

 Transition Phase:

  • Earth Shield tank
  • Pull all your totems until the tank has Nightbane under control.


  • Pop a mana pot at 70%, the timer for mana pots will recycle atleast two or three times during this fight.
  • Mana Tide when your group is sitting at 60%, the timer will recycle and you will be able to drop it again at some point.
  • Pay attention and try to remain call.

Resto Shaman Loot:

I sure hope this guide helps you out.  This was a fight that took the guild a number of weeks to be able to do.  It will take practice and remember, each wipe is a learning exerience.  Take what you have learned and try to make the next fight that much better.

Coldness fills the air, light fades and darkness seeps from the shadows as another day gives way to night.  An eerie fog rolls down from the surrounding hills as the moans of the undead again begin to fill the night air.

Alone, under a long dead tree sits a large form or fur and metal.  Pulling a small pouch from his belt, he empties its contents onto the damp earth and begins to utter an incantation in some foreign tongue.  Without warning a large flash of light emanates from the strangers as he reaches to the heavens.  From the shadow of the tree the form of a tauren shaman is now easily seen.  As soon as it had appeared the light subsides and again gives way to the darkness. 

The Tauren gathers the small pile of pebbles and fetishes and places them back into their pouch.  He gathers his shield and weapon and moves off to a group off in the distances.  He is welcomed with nods and grunts of approval. 

“I am now ready to embark, let us begin” the shaman mutters.

“Lets move!” an armor clad warrior orders “To the door!”

 The group moves to a large doorway block by a portcullis.  The warrior gestures to the tauren to open the door.  The tauren looks back and shakes his head at the warrior.

“What is it now shaman!” responds the warrior, visibly angered.

“Cant, no key” the tauren responds with a grin.

The group behind the two begins to chuckle but end quickly with a glare from the warrior. 

“Fine, move over cow, I will take care of this”

 With a clang, the lock is opened and the door rises.  The warrior gestures to the group with a wave.

“In! All of you…now!”

 The group quickly moves in and the gate behind them closes with a crash.  There is no turning back now.  What has begun now must be finished by either victory or death.


So begins their adventure…

“You face not Malchezaar alone, but the legions I command!” – Prince Malchezaar


This is part nine of my short Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. Today we focus on Prince Malchezaar. 

Prince falls into a sub category of Karazhan raid bosses for me.  Along with Nightbane and Netherspite, Prince are those special bosses.  These are the guys that are the real test of you and your raid.  These are the encounters that when you wipe it is maddening, but when succed there is nothing like it.  With that in mind, this guide and the next two will be a little more indepth allowing for more detail of each encounter and your roll as a resto-shaman during the fight.

Set Up:

When you get to the top you will see Prince prancing around the open courtyard.  At this point, make sure everyone is buffed and inside the door.  Once Prince has aggro, the door will shut, locking you out of the encounter.

Now, when Prince is at the far end, the tank will go to his tanking location.  If you are in the tank group, run out with him and drop the Grace of Air totem for him.  The added agility will aid in the tanks damage avoidance.  Keep this totem up at all times during the fight,  This will mean having to run into melee range to refresh the totem.

Next, have one person marked with a raid icon…I prefer the nipple; this person is the “30 yard line”.  This person marks the safe zone between you and Princes and his Shadow Nova.  This person should also act as the Infernal Spotter.  When an infernal is about to land the should call out if it is ok, or if the raid will need to move. If movement is necessary, this person will call it out and you must follow them to the next safest location.

Starting locations can very, but normaly we start near the door and move from there when needed.

Phase One:

This is the start of the battle and the fight is pretty much a “tank and spank” at this point.  Normally you will have to move once during this point due to infernals landing on your head.


  • Drops totems specific for your group.
  • Earth Shield the Tank and keep it up at all times.  This will help heal if you are on the move.
  • Ignore enfeeble, you can still cast heals without issue and if you are at or past the 30 yard line you are safe. 
  • Don’t heal those with enfeeble…it doesn’t do anything and when enfeeble is over their HP will go back to what it was prior to the enfeeble.
  • Keep the tank’s health up at all times, Prince can hit hard and if you and the raid are behind on heals, the tank can go down quick.
  • Move from infernals if needed.

Phase Two:

At 60% Prince will enter phase two.  He will summon axes that will substantialy increase his damage.  Infernals, shadow word pain and enfeeble continue as they did in phase one.

  • Keep casting Earth Shield on the tank.
  • If threat is an issue with casters in your group, drop the Tranquil Air Totem.  It wont reduce the threat a ton, but every little bit helps
  • Drop Mana Tide if mana is an issue, also pop a mana pot.  The timers for both should be up before the end of the fight allowing you to drop and pop again to get to the end of the fight with some mana.
  • Keep heals up on the tank…this is the phase where the tank will take the most damage and is the time that you are most in danger of loosing him.

Phase Three:

At 30%, Prince’s damage goes back to phase one levels, but now infernals will be dropping at a faster rate and Prince’s axes will start warping to players causing damage to those who are not in melee range.


  • Continue to Earth Shield the tank.
  • Have anyone with axes call it out so they can be healed as soon as possible.
  • At 15% pop Blood Lust for that last bit of the fight.
  • Pop another mana pot or drop mana tide to get enough mana to finish the fight.

It sounds relatively easy, but it isn’t.  Prince himself is not difficult and can be managed affectively, it is the infernals that are the issue.  The randomness of these infernals can turn a near perfect kill into a wipe.  If you keep wiping due to infernals do not get down on yourself or the raid group.  It isn’t your fault and there is nothing you can do to prepare or counteract it.  I myself have been in a number of raids where each infernal would land on our location.  Our guild has even been told a number of times that we have the worst luck on infernals that people have ever seen.  Just make sure to communicate and move.

Another point where you might have issues is when you are moving locations and healing on the tank is interupted.  If you think there any chance that the tank might die during the move, pop Nature’s Swiftness and get a heal off mid run to top the tank off.

Resto-Shaman Loot: 

Hopeuflly this guide has helped you take down prince.  Again, this isn’t a full encounter guide and for more detail of the fight as a whole, please visit, your one stop shop foryou’re your boss killing needs.  The next two guides will focus on the dragons of Karazhan Netherspite and my personal nemisis, Nightbane.