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Anub’Rekhan to Maexxna in 16 minutes.  Good job guys!


utpinIt was a busy weekend and I am starting to feel it…just…about…zzzzzz…….

The weekend started with some heroic runs of Utgarde Pinnacle in the attempt to get our tanks their tanking weapon. The first run we did started rather well, but things got a little shaky at the trophy room.  Depending on the DPS of your group you need to conserve your mana as much as possible while taking down the trophies so you have a chance of keeping the group up during the boss fight.  Once we finally got past that we faced the dreaded gauntlet.  Yeesh, what a pain.  I rather not talk about this run any more.

The second run went better and we actually got it done but still no love for our tanks.  Sorry Elnino & Pud.

Sunday night was raid night and before flying to Naxxramas we decided to give Obsidian Sanctum a shot.  First, we decided to down all the drakes just to make sure we would have a shot at Sartharion.

The dynamic of the drake fights are really cool but I have no idea how you can down Sartharion with all three drakes up with just 10 people.

After we downed all three drakes we took on Sartharion.  The fight is pretty much a tank and spank with some adds.  He doesn’t hit that hard and healing through the encounter isn’t too bad at all. What you need to do though is watch for the lava walls.  Yup, walls of lava come crashing over the island you are on and you need to make sure the whole raid is awake and moves to the openings in the wall or the fire DoT will make quick work of them.  It took some time but we did get him down, even though we forgot about the last lava wall and all but the tank wiped at the end right next to Sartharion corpse.  Look for this raid guide in the near future.

After OS, we made our way to Naxxramas.  We decided to pass on the last boss of the Spider wing and hit the first bosses of the military and the plague wing.  Instructor Razuvious is a very cool fight.  The dynamic of having to control NPCs to tank adds a nice wrinkle to the normal boss encounter.  After a few shots he fell and allowed me to pick up Iron Rings of Endurance. We then made our way to plague wing and Noth the Plaguebringer.  The raid really stepped up and focused and allowed us to single shot him on our first attempt.

So far into raiding our guild is now 4/15 in Naxx and 1/1 in Obsidian Sanctum.  We have been doing very well and our efforts have exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Here is to you PiM!

On a side note, I was able to pick up a new Chest, Bracer and Feet from our guild’s residence leather worker.  The mats were very cheap and the upgrades were well worth it.  I highly recommend if you are starting heroics or raiding and you are a little under-geared, find yourself a leather worker and get your self some very easy upgrades.

Wednesday morning at 1:38 am Jagerbombz hit level 80.  Nineteen hours later The Pen is Mightier made it’s first run into the 10 Man Naxxramas.

The main core of the raid was two prot warriors and three resto shamans.  I would have liked a more diverse healing group, but we did much better than I had expected.  The one thing I did find is that the LHW build does work, but if you are not careful you can run into mana issues pretty quickly.  I believe that the initial issues is with the mix of blue/green gear you may roll into Naxx with, as the gear gets better I think the build will get better also. 

On the topic of raid builds, I went in with a different build that I had posted.  I dropped healing grace for improved earth shield and one point into reincarnation.  I will keep rolling with this build for a few more runs before I make any changes as I find needed and will post any findings that I have.

The raid itself was a bit challenge, but a ton of fun.  We started with the Spider Wing after the slaying of Mr.. Bigglesworth. For that kill, we garnered the wrath of the raid gods.  The trip to Anub’Rekhan was easy, building our confidence.  Once we started on Anub’Rekhan things got shaky.  The first pull the tank did not kite AR around far enough and we all got swarmed.  Next pull, the off tank was killed after getting two many stacks of the debuff.  Pull after pull we ran into a problem here or there.  We swapped tanks and then changed healing assignments.  Couple more pulls and he was down.  In total…2 hours to get him.  One healing tip I have for this fight is to have a healer at the end of the kite path waiting for the tank so he can get healed as soon as swarm is done.

Grand Widow Faerlina was the next and much easier boss.  It took one wipe for us to learn out how to better take here down.  We had the main tank engage Faerlina with the off tank holding all the adds just on the steps.  Instead of pulling a single add for the widow’s embrace we had the main tank pull Faerlina to the adds for the killing of the adds. Healing the tanks isn’t very hard on this fight, it is more of a AoE raid healing fight.

Getting to Maexxna took a while.  Lots of long hallways with only a few trash pulls leads to one of the creepier bosses I have seen.  We took a couple of attempts but it was getting late so we called it a night. 

All in all it was a good night.  Some nice drops for the tanks and casters with a pair of mp5 legs for one of our resto shamans.  Hopefully we can pick up where we left off on our next run.

Coming off of an extremely successful Tuesday raid night, The Pen is Mightier of Hellscream decided that they could do more.  So on Wednesday we gathered; seasoned veterans and fresh reinforcements.  Eighteen of the PiM’s finest prepared for battle and entered the lair of the Gronn Overlord.

Thirty minutes later, Gruul lay at our feet.

Once the dead were raised, our wounds healed and the riches distributed, we prepared for battle again, this time we would face the former Lord of the Outlands, Magtheridon.

We entered Magtheridon’s Lair and quickly made our way to the main chamber.  The battle plan was explained to the tanks and those tasked with manning a cubes.  Everyone assumed their positions and the battle commenced.  Our forces fought well but all fell at 36%. 

Again, we gathered and assumed our positions for what would be a quick end. 

A third time we gathered.  We again reviewed the plans for battle, we buffed and we assumed our positions.  With excellent coordination and a focused attack Magtheridon was vanquished in a flash of light and we stood victorious.

Congratulations to all who attended and made this run possible.  With your help, the Pen is Mightier has now completed all of the Tier-4 content on their own.  Yes, these titans may have been nerfed by 30%, but we took them down with a raid missing 30% and for that, you should be proud.



I am going to have to make this quick or I am going to pass out on my keyboard.  The Pen is Mightier achieved another guild first; Karazhan and Zul’Aman cleared on the same night.

Karazhan Highlights:

  • New boss taken down (No Axe for Jager)
  • 55 sec Maiden Kill
  • Tank race to try to make the healers go OOM
  • Pud (Our off tank) first successful tanking of Prince

Zul’Aman Highlights:

  • Made timer for 3 chests
  • Learned valuable lesson, don’t kill both hatchers
  • New casting ring for Jager
  • One shot on Hex Lord

It was a great night and everyone got some well deserved loot.  Can’t wait to do it again, but for now….I need some sleep.

10/22/2008 marked a milestone in the records of the Pen is Mightier of Hellscream.  That night, eighteen of the PiM’s finest along with some friends from Hellhounds of Chaos and other guilds stepped into the Black Temple for the first time.  Yes, Black Temple is not the place that it once was, but it is still Black Temple. 

I am also pleased to announce that there were boss kills to be had.  The raid was able to take down Naj,entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama and Teron Gorefiend.  There might have been more, but my mind gave out at 1:00am and I needed to log.  I will post updates when information is available.

Congrats to all the winners of the phat lewtz and congratulations to all that helped out on such a fun night.  Even though a new world awaits us in the coming month it is nice to get a peek at what has been, until now, unattainable.

Last night was our first trip back to ZA since the patch went live.  The guild was still pretty stoked about the pwn’ing of Kara and we were excited to see how much easier ZA would be.  Well, after 3 hours we found that ZA was indeed easier, but no cakewalk.  I would say ZA is now what Kara was pre-patch.  Very doable, but if you are not careful things can still go south pretty quickly.

Prior to 3.0.2 we were only really able to get the Eagle and Bear down consistently with random success on the Lynx.  After the patch though, the night was filled with a bunch of guild firsts.

  • One shot on the Dragon Hawk
  • Killed the Hex Lord – I HATE SHADOW BOLTS!
  • One shot on Zul’Jin

The night was filled with fun, firsts and phat lewts.  I myself am now the proud owner of the Hex Lord’s Voodoo Paldrons.  I look like a cross between a witch doctor and a meat drying rack.

A huge gratz to Udaan our guild/raid leader who finally got some loot after passing on most everything to gear up the raid group.  He got himself a new set of shoulders and the Tiny Voodoo Mask.  Those gnomes couldn’t have gone to a better man.

Within the next week or so I will be finishing my ZA raid guides.  The next three will be rather brief since the usefulness of those guides will be shortened by the looming expansion.

It was Tuesday night and everyone knows what that means, Kara! Tonight though felt a little different.  Some old faces were back in the mix and alts were kept to a minimum, tonight we meant business.  The dust was blown off our Enhancement Shaman, Ankenhawk and Duglarg was there to pretend to be Hunter DPS.  Our tanks Fuzzymuffin and Pud kept us moving at a good pace while the healing duo of Daspair and myself kept everyone up…most of the time.  

Three hours later, Kara was empty.  This was our first full one night clear and it felt great.  Everyone did a bang up job and I was very pleased to see that we could take down everything with just two healers, even with my incredible amount of over healing.  Great job guys and I will see you in ZA on Wed.

Wow, just when I think I am getting some free time to focus on WoW and the blog real life seems to intervene; be it attempting to learn the plumbing profession or having run dailies to grind wife faction.

The weekend was very busy, but did include another trip to the Ren Faire where I obtained a new pair of pants for the ensemble and a little vest and pants for my 15 month old.  You would not believe the amount of attention you get with a toddler in costume at the Faire.  Hello ladies!

I also picked up a new hobby…making chain mail.  Being a shaman dressed in full mail, I now have a new respect for those digital gnomes out there having to weave together all this armor for us.  Wow, making chain mail is fun, but takes forever…and some blood.

As for the guild, things are starting to pick up.  Recruiting is going well and we added a couple of new people to the raid group.  They have done very well and we are glad to have them.  Hopefully by next week we will have a 2nd Kara group running.

Hopefully this week I can get at least one or two raid guides updated and a couple of new PvP tips posted.