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I have to tell you a secret; that’s it come a little closer.  I have to be really quiet because I don’t want this to get out.  If the blogging communitiy finds this out, my verility as a member of the Horde might be in question. 

Ok, here it is…I used to play a gnome…shhhhhhhhh! Actually I have played gnomes since Everquest.  You see I used to have this fetish for gnomes that I have had to deal with until recently.  You see when it came to gnomes I had no control.  Fingerz was my gnome rogue, Sprinklez was my mage alt, Sapz was my rogue alt (don’t ask) and Pantz was my warlock alt and everyone of them were gnomes!

So even though I am a tauren, I am still a gnome at heart and when there needs to be some gnom’ish shout outs I feel that it is my duty to inform my readers or such joyess news.

I have stumbled across three gnome mage blogs that need to be read if you dabble in that realm of magey type things. 

Gnomeaggedon – Gnomeaggedon

Krizzy – Frost is the New Black

Larisa – Pink Pigtail Inn

Please take some time to check them out and tell ’em Jager sent ya.


You know what I am talking about.  You’re in the battlegrounds, grinding honor and all of a sudden someone runs past and you notice their guild name and you break out into “pee your pants” laughter. 

Over at Blog Azeroth a thread on the Best Guild Names Evar has popped up.  In honor of that post I have compiled a list of some of my favorite guild names I have seen.

<My little Pwny>

<The Goggles Do Nothing>

<It Burns When I PvP>

<Sapped girls can’t say no>

<Show Us Your Crits>

And the probably the best guild name ever in the history of all gaming, which also happened…surprisingly…to get banned….

<R Kelly PvP’d On Me>

Share your favorites over at Blog Azeroth today!