Now that the new year is here, it is time to look ahead and set some goals for myself for the next year.

  • Hire a reliable staff.  The staff at Hoof n’ Healz has really be slacking and blog content has been pretty weak.  It is time to drop the goblins and start picking up some gnomes.  Hopefully this will not only improve the quality of HnH content but get me the ever coveted gnome vote.
  • Learn to play a healer.  Sitting back and watching Lord of the Rings while I hit the chain heal button just wont cut it anymore.
  • Pretty myself up.  I might make use of the character customization and go from Jagerbombz to the more feminine Jagerboobz. (lol sorry for the third grade humor).
  • Mount an Epic.  I am still without my epic flying mount. Donations are welcome.  Send all cash to and place Jager as the recipient.
  • Wipe more raids.  Chain Lighting just doesn’t get the love it deserves in the Resto Shaman spell rotation.  I think it is time the Resto Shaman pull his weight in raids and start pulling mobs for the tank…when the tank is not looking.
  • Start a Douche Knight.  Maybe I should drop the shaman and roll a Death Knight.  That way I can blog about my exploits of being 1 of 1000 DKs looking for group.  Then Hoof n Healz can be changed to Hoof n Button Mashing or Hoof n LFG.

cow2008 has now come and gone and it is now time to look back with misty eyes on all the WoW greatness that was bestowed upon me this year.

Early 2008 saw the birth of Jagerbombz.  After leveling my rogue to 70, not getting into raiding and not able to get any love I decide to quit WoW.  Two weeks later in alcohol induced craziness I roll a horde shaman thinking that I would hit level two and never log back into the game again.  Boy was I wrong.  Personally I blame Shatner.

Mid 2008 saw the birth of Hoof n Healz.  Actaully, there was a blog prior to Hoof n’ Healz known as Elemental Pew Pew but the Pew gave way to Healz and the rest is history.  A big thanks goes out to Anna of Too Many Annas and the Pen is Mightier for making this blog possible. 

Late 2008 had been all WotLK.  A whole new world had been opened up with 10 more levels, new talent trees and new raids to be run.  I hit 80 much faster than I ever expected and the guild is running almost all of the 10-man content allowing Jager to feed his inner loot whore.

What does 2009 hold for Jager and Hoof n’ Healz?  There are loots to be had and raids to be run.  Look for the full Naxxramas raid guide as well as Obsidian Sanctum and The Vault of Archevon.  Also keep your eyes peeled for more Resto Shaman banter and the every popular gratuitous kitten pictures.

Till then have a safe and happy new year full of love from the Loot Fu!


Argh, he is the suck!

It seems that I was a good little Tauren this year.  Greatfather brought me a new portal to the world of Azeroth.  No longer will I be hindered by a 1.8GHz, 1 GB Ram, 9600 Radeon AGP all on a 17” CRT.  I have been lucky enough to score a 1.9GHz Dualcore with 4 GB ram, a Radeon HD 3870 with 512 MB 256-bit GDDR4 PCI Express pumping out to a 19” LCD.

I will not speak ill of my old PC.  It has severed me well over the years.  The PC was originally built for EQ and has been subject of many an upgrade for the MMOs I have played over the years.  From EQ to WoW there have been two constants; the Soundblaster Live sound card and my LAN card.  If I had not given the PC to my wife and kids I would have pulled out those components and framed them as a testament to craftsmanship.

I have been running with the new system since Christmas Eve and all I can say is WOW! This game is pretty.  I am not sure what I like more though, yes the graphics are pretty, but getting 50 FPS in Dalaraan is something to make one giggle.

Thank you Greatfather Winter!  Now, a little gift for all the womenz out there!


This is part one of my Resto-Shaman guides to Naxxramas. These guides are designed with the Resto-Shaman in mind, but may be beneficial for any healers. These guides are a short, bulleted overview of each Naxxramas encounter allowing the Resto Shaman to understand their roll in the raid.
Welcome to Naxxramas, the floating citadel of the Lich King’s minions.  Within it’s walls you will find some of the most notorious and nefarious this side of Icecrown. Upon zoning in, you will face your first challenge, Mr.. Bigglesowrth.  Once his fate has been decided make your way to the first wing of Naxxramas that most raids start with…the spider wing.

Naxxramas: Spider Wing

Trash: Trash in the spider wing is well…spiders.  Make sure to cleanse poisons or keep poison cleansing totem down if mana is not an issue since you will loose mana tide for the poison cleansing totem.

anubrekhanAnub’Rekhan: This is the first boss you will encounter in the Spider wing. He is alone in a large round room. The basic fight is a tank and spank with a spawned adds until phase two. This is where AR cast locust swarm and the raid group collapses into the center of the room while the tank kites AR around the perimeter of the room (12 to 6 then 6 to 12).  This cycle repeats until he is dead or he hits the enrage timer and the raid is wiped.

During the locust swarm the main tank is usually out of range for heals without the healer getting within range locust swarm. To help get the tank through this phase cast a fresh earth shield on the tank and well as a riptide. Between the shield and the HoT from riptide it should be enough to get the tank to his next tanking position.

While the tank is kiting AR around the room, the rest of the raid is in the middle of the room taking out adds.  During this time, you will probably be healing the off tank and the raid via chain heal.  If you are able to handle the healing on your own, have the second healer move to roughly 7 or just right of the entrance.  This will allow the healer to be in position to heal the main tank right away while avoiding the locust swarm.  

Since AR has a 10 minute enrage timer you will want to have the DPS burn him down as quickly as possible.  Once the main tank has establish agro, pop bloodlust.  If the fight last long enough and you have a second shaman you can have another bloodlust for the end of the fight.

As for totems, I usually place them in the middle of the room and drop mana tide around 65-70% mana.  This allows me to keep near full mana and will allow for a second mana tide toward the end of the fight.

grandwidowGrand Widow Faerlina: GWF is Boss number two in a room full of spiders and acolytes. The room is cleared group by group be having the tank pulling each group by line of sight pulling them. Once the room is cleared, only GWF and four adds are left.

The fight requires some coordination. The main tank will engage GWF on the platform and the off tank will grab the adds and move them to one side of the stairs. Each time GWF goes into frenzy, the main tank will pull her to adds where the DPS will burn one down quick to proc Widow’s Embrace to remove GWF’s frenzy effect. Once frenzy is removed the tank will move her away until the next frenzy.  Rinse and repeat till she is dead.

Healing this fight isn’t very difficult.  The main tank doesn’t take too much significant damage, but there is a good chunk of AoE raid damage that needs to be healed and people will need to be on their toes when fighting so as to move out of the AoE affects.

Totems are standard, but GWF does do a AoE poison volley so if you are slow on cleansing a poison cleansing totem is a good idea.

maexxnaMaexxna: The final boss of the Spider wing and not an easy fight for arachnophobics.

There are two things to be aware of during this fight, Web Wrap and Web Spray.  Web Wrap will target a random raid member wrapping them in a cocoon and tossing them against the back wall.  The web needs to be killed off fast to keep the person alive.

Web spray on the other hand is on a 40 second timer and is 4 second raid wide incapacitate.

Along with the web effects, every 30 seconds Maex will spawn spider adds that will need to be picked up by the off tank and AoE’d down.

During the fight there is some nasty poison to deal with. Necrotic Poison reduces heals on the tank by 75% which that needs to be cleansed right away if you plan on keeping the tank healed at all.

As for healing, it is much like a tank and spank.  When Web Spray is cast you can’t heal or cleanse so just before Web Spray make sure to cast a fresh earth shield and a riptide and drop your poison cleansing totem to help the tank survive during the 4 seconds.  If needed pop Nature Swiftness and Healing Wave if you have fallen behind healing the tank.

At 30% Maex will frenzy causing 50% more damage.  At this point you will want to increase heals on the tank and pop blood lust.  Just before Web Wrap make sure your tank shield walls and regens, assuming you have a warrior tank.  If you cannot get Maex down before the next web wrap have the off tank pick her up and shield wall and regen again…assuming your off tank is also a warrior.

Congratulations, the spider wing is cleared and if you did it in less than 20 minutes you will have gotten the Arachnophobia achievement.  In the next guide we will go off into the plague wing for some instruction, a dance and three second heal windows.

So, the guild had to go ahead and do good this weekend thus adding to my pile of Hoof n Healz to-dos. 

Sunday night is normal raid night, but it seemed that our other resto shaman was stuck at some party having fun so we were down a healer.  We then got a healer, but then we were down a DPS spot, so we did what any normal guild would do in this situation; pug in not one DPS but, 3 healers and 12 DPS and make a bee line for heroic Archevon.  We had a lot of people new to the fight which made some of us very nervous but we were able to down him just as the enrage hit our off tank.  Loots were loots.  We were able to pimp out our ret paly with a new BP and legs and got a PUG druid and rogue some stuff.

Once the raid broke up we found an extra guilded DPS so we went back to see what else we could handle in Naxx.  First we hit Maexxena and took her down, thus completing the Spider wing and adding that to the raid guide to-do list.  We then took out Gothik the Harvester and made our way to Four Horsemen.  After a few failed attempts it was late and we called it a night.

So hopefully in the near fututer I will have the Resto Shaman guide to both the Plague and the Spider wings along with Archevon and Obsididian Sanctum done. Till then stay tuned for more random stuff from Hn’H.


Recently, someone asked about the man behind Jager.  Not wanting to disapoint any would be stalkers I present you with a small window into what makes me tick.  As my wife would say, “This would explain everything.”


Penny Arcade




Tenacious D

Flight of the Conchords

Jonathan Coulton

Stephen Lynch

MC Frontalot


Dr. Who

Battlestar Galactica


Robot Chicken

The guild’s 10 man crew cleared the Plague wing of Naxxramas. It took us an a while to down Loatheb but we did do it. I am excited we did it, but now that adds the Plague Wing Naxx guide to my to do list that still includes the Vault of Archavon and Obisidian Sanction 10 man guides.

I also got “Going Down” while at Naxx. It seems that if you get on your flying mount and get just under Naxx and aggro one of the elite drakes and get knocked off your mount you get “Going Down”  including laughter and mockery from your raid members.

 Got a new shiny too.