Well, first and fore most, all the damages sustained to the guild and myself after my account was hacked have been resolved 100%.  I would like to thank the staff at Blizzard for acting quickly and for the fast turn around on getting all the lost items back.

I have been playing around healing 25 man Naxx runs with a scheduled PuG group.  These runs have allowed me to not only improve my gear, but allowed me to get a better understanding of raid healing at the 25 man level.  All I can say is I have never spammed chain heal so much in my life.

I also have been spending the off nights messing around as enhancement.  I was able to coble together a decent off set collection and have been working on getting to know enhancement in preperation for 3.1.  I am no means a DPS machine but I have been able to hold my own in heroics and some 10 man raids.  One thing I have found though is that it is nice to focus on one target and not 10/25 targets at a time for once.

Once 3.1 comes out, hopefully I will have time to write up raid guides as well as the changes to the resto shaman, which at this point don’t seem to be earth shattering different other than the fact out mana totem and our paladin friends dont mix any more…boooooooo!

Till then, keep healing, keep pow powing and pew pewing and pray that 3.1 one drops soon.