After work yesterday I was able to assess the damages done to jager and honestly it could have been so much worse.

After logging in Jager was there and still dressed in what he had logged off on. Checking my inventory my cash was gone as well as most of my extra gear (mace collection, MP5 rings and DPS trinkets). My personal bank was still full and all items accounted for. The guild bank on the ohter hand was a different story.

It seems that all of the first tab had been cleaned out. The only thing that saved the rest was a guildy that recognized that Jager was not me and made some calls and got people on to clear out the bank before Jager could. Now that was fast thinking.

Currently the hack is under investigation and I should hear back in a few days on what I can expect to get back if anything. Honestly, if I get nothing back I would be willing to accept that since Jager is still almost intact.

I do want to give a big thanks to Juduz who realized that Jager was not me just because Jager never said hello and that Jager never logs on at 7am. That was qucik thinking and I thank you for that. Plus I am sure that his constant harrasment of the hacker got him nervous which is why most of my stuff is still around.

Also a big thaks to Tommy for calling me and the Blizz staff for thier help. Within in a half hour of the call my account was locked down and back in my hands.