So the guild has finished most the majority of the 10 man raid content in WotLK.  Among this bunch of Champions of the Froze Waste there is a bit of boredom now that content has been done and loot has been had.  In an attempt to spice things up we decided to try something we have done off and on for the past few weeks…Sarth and a drake.

The run started well.  We took down the left and right drakes, leaving the egg drake for our attempt.  Once we got to Starth things began to get shaky.  First, one of our off tanks wandered into his agro radius and caused us to all run out of the instance while our main tank took the death. 

Once back in the instance, our boomkin made a bee line for the main tank for little t-bag for good measure, but he also entered Sarth’s agro radius causing the raid to run out of the instance once again.

This was going to be a long night.

Our first “real” attempt was a mess.  We had the off tank keep the drake at the back of the island but he adds got all over the place and killed the heaelers pretty quickly.  We then decided to have the off tank keep the drake next to Sarth, allowing him to pick up the adds qucikly since they were spawning from the middle of the island.  This plan worked much better and the drake was down, but focus was lost and the adds got the best of us…again.

The next attempt went much like the first, except we picked the adds up after the drake death much better and burned them down and started on Sarth.  Four minutes later Sarth lay before us dead.  Sarth +1 done.  Next week we will do Sarth +1 again, and might think about Sarth +2, but that might be pushing it for our gear/skill level at this point.