cup_of_tea_21We have all been there before, without knowing what happened you are face down.  Next thing you know one of your friends runs up, gives a giggle and T-bags you before you can click the rez button.  Now, I am not saying this is a bad thing, I have given my number of Liption dips, but there are some times where a Boston Tea Party is not warranted.  Let’s look at a few examples.

Situation One: The raid has taken down Patchwerk and you are working your way to Grob when suddenly a slime just taps your hit box and your are dead.  A fellow raid member runs back through the slimes and positions himself to serve you a cup of Earl Grey.  TB or not to TB?

TB, most definitely. One’s inability to navigate the slimes has been labeled “Frogger Fail” and deserves a bevy of sack action.  Be warned provider of the bag though, if not careful, you too may end up on the receiving end of a cup of steaming green tea.

 Situation Two: Rolling in Wintergrasp you find the guy next to you gets one shotted and falls to the ground.  You turn just in time to see the attacker and unload on him, killing him instantly.  You drop down and invite both people to a Boston Tea Party.  TB or not to TB?

This situation is one of the gems of the tea bags.  If placed correctly, not only can you T-bag the attacker, but also the n00b who didn’t see the attack coming.  Advantage to the double bagger.

Situation Three: Your raid is the middle of the Hiegan the Unclean when the one of the melee DPS’ers goes down.  The tanks maneuvers Heigan back to the fallen raid member and performs the very rare “mid-boss fight/DDR T-bag”. TB or not to TB?

Being one the ballsiest T-bags there is; one must be careful to not wipe the raid for some simple retribution.  Granted, the stories to be told from that raid wipe will be held in such glory that one cannot help but execute such a high risk maneuver.  

Situation Four: You are a healer.  You have total control over who lives and dies.  You have been T-bagged one too many times this evening and the only thing on your mind is revenge.  You look for a victim and decide then and there not to heal them.  As they ask where the heals were, you calmly walk up to the corpse, respond with “must have been lag” and dip your bag all over the guy  To TB or not to TB?

TB of course…advantage healer.  That will teach them to T-bag me!