malygosUpon entering the Eye of Eternity you face Malygos the Spellweaver, Lord of Magic and creepy old uncle of the Dragon Aspects.

Let’s take a moment to get to know our raid boss.  Malygos wasn’t all bad at one time.  He was a happy go lucky kind of dragon, you know the kind of dragon you could hang out with, have some drinks and get high with while he tells you dirty jokes all night.  That was until Deathwing used a little thing called the Demon Soul to exterminate the entirety of the Blue Dragon flight during the War of the Ancients.  From that moment Malygos went into seclusion and started his downward spiral into insanity.

After playing a small role in freeing Alexstrasza from the orcs, Alexstrasza resurrected most of the Blue Dragon Flight, but the emotional scars of the past still haunted Malygos and he fell into complete insanity.

Upon looking upon the world of Azeroth Malygos came to the conclusion that all magic users must be eliminated, yes even the peace loving tree hugging shaman.  At this point we find ourselves in the middle of the war between the Kirin Tor and the Blue Dragon flight and it is our duty to destroy Malygos.  Why on Azeroth the Kirin Tor isn’t taking down Malygos themselves is beyond me, but who am I to judge. 

Entering the EoE you will find yourself on a platform in the middle of vast nothingness.  When you are ready to engage Malygos, click on the orb in the middle of the room to start the encounter.   

The Malygos encounter is made up of three phases…

1)     OMG how am I supposed to heal that phase?

2)     Why don’t I get to ride on a hover disk phase?

3)     1…1…2…Oh I was supposed to heal phase?

Phase One: OMG how am I supposed to heal that phase?

Phase one is a pseudo tank and spank.  During the fight sparks will be coming from the four corners of the zone.  If the sparks are mot killed before they get to Malygos he will get a 50% increase in damage for 10 seconds pretty much allowing him to one shot most tanks.  Be aware of where the sparks are killed, because they need to die near Malygos and the raid since they offer a DPS boost that is necessary for beating the 10 min enrage time.

Along with the sparks, every 60 seconds Malygos will cast vortex tossing the entire raid into the air, swirling around him causing 2K damage a second to everyone.  During this time only instant heals can be cast.  Healing through this is tough as a shaman, but still doable. 

When first tossed in the air, riptide yourself, the HoT will help cover some of the damage but not all.  Then after the riptide cool down, cast it on the lowest health person, with special focus on the tank or the other healers.  Just before you land cast Natures Swiftness and Tidal Force.  This will allow you to cast an instant chain heal with an almost guaranteed crit just as the raid lands back on the platform.  Due to the cool downs on these two abilities, you will only be able to do this once so if you want you can wait for the second or third vortex to do this.  Either way, cast the first chain heal off the tank and the spam chain heal to top the raid off and everyone reassumes their positions.

Phase Two: Why don’t I get to ride on a hover disk phase?

Once Malygos gets to 50% he will take off and circle platform while mobs on hovering discs of doom come down and attack the raid.  As a healer, you will never get to jump on the discs to attack the mobs above you.  Your job is to make sure all the range DPS and the tank live through phase 2.  You will need to enter the bubbles of magic protection to help reduce the damage of the mobs as well as Malygos’s  AoE damage.

Once the all the adds have been destroyed Malygos will get really pissed and start phase three.

Phase Three:  1…1…2…Oh I was supposed to heal phase.

Phases three begins with the destruction of the platform, but have no fear, the red dragon flight has come to help out.  Everyone mounts up to a drake and everyone has the same abilities.  Because of this, your role as a healer in phase one and two may change to DPS during phase three.  Normally, the raid can be healed by the abilities of one drake rider while the rest DPS.  If coordination is not that great, having two healers will do.  If you are DPS, you will hit 1, 1 then 2 the wait for 60 energy and repeat casting shield on yourself if Malygos targets you.  If you are healing you will cast the HoT on 4 people and then cast the AoE heal.   The whole time you are doing this you will be rotating around Malygos counter clockwise to avoid damage.  If done perfectly, you will need 2 minutes to do down him before the enrage timer, but any extra time you can get yourself from phase one will be a bonus.

Assuming you have gotten through all phases, and Old Blue is dead, Alextrazsa will come in and bless you and your raid group with the gift of phat lewt.

Misc Tips:

1)     Toggle “v” to show the health bars above the mobs.  This makes it much easier to see the sparks and the lords on the hover discs.

2)     Make use of Natures Swiftness and Tidal Force for helping the vortex healing.

3)     Have druids use bark skin and death knights should use magic shell to reduce the amount of damage during vortex.

4)     Have everyone buff up their stamina so their total HP is over 20K.  This will provide good survivability when landing after vortex.