The weekend went by too quickly.  I decided to take it easy on the WoW end so that I could catch up on some reading and some sleep, so instead of 5 hours of WoW a night I only spent 4 hours.  I got the warrior to level 35 and equiped the epic Fiery War Axe and had Crusader put on it.  Thanks to Namsy, my druid friend for sending me the Axe prior to quiting the game for the 5th time.

Jager spent some time in Heroics and Naxx.  We ran heroic Gundrak to try to re-build the confidence of our Icy DK tank, but just ended up giving him a much bigger complex than he had when he entered.  It is all part of my master plan to break him so all he focuses on is his Ret Paly.

The Pen is Mightier finished up Naxx.  I was very glad to see that the 10-man version of Saph was fixed.  The raid damage taken this time was reasonable and not OMG WTF that it was last week.  Kel also was nice enough to drop me his mace so that gives me 4 weapons to choose from on a nightly basis.

After Naxx, we rolled ovet to EoE to take on Malygos.  Each attempt was better than the other and we got the drake phase but hit the enrage timer each time.  We will need to work on our spark managment to bring him down faster.  A big thanks to Kurosawa, our new Holy priest for coming along.  It made life much easier on the resto shamans.