This is part three of my Resto-Shaman guides to Naxxramas. These guides are designed with the Resto-Shaman in mind, but may be beneficial for any healer. These guides are a condensed overview of each Naxxramas encounter allowing the Resto Shaman to understand their roll in the raid and are not a full instance guide.

You have conquered your fear of spiders, you have defeated the plague and now it is time to for you to step into a big pile of flesh and goo known as the Plague Wing so trap on your boots and prepare to get messy.

Naxxramas: Abomination Wing

Trash: The first part of the Abomination wing’s trash is made up of, well, Abominations and slimes and some weird scientist. They tend to disease their targets so make sure to be quick with the cleansing. The hardest part about healing through the trash is the effect from the slime rivers that reduce health and mana by 50%. If you or your tank is not paying attention you may go out of mana when pretty quickly and that may lead to a wipe. Just make sure to mana up once you get past the rivers to be safe.

Patchwerk: Patch is the first Abomination wing boss and the test to prove if you are ready to continue into Naxxramas. He has a 6 minute enrage timer so he needs to be killed as quickly as possible. Healing this encounter can be very strenuous for a new healer.

Only the main and off tank will be taking damage, but they will be taking a ton of damage. The off tank will be taking the most damage from deadly strikes while the main tank takes the normal hits. Your goal will be to keep up with the damage to keep the tank topped off as much as possible. This can be done with either big bang HW heals, or quick LHW heals with earth shield on your target. You CAN chain heal this, but normally it is not needed. I will only use chain heal if my other healer needs help on the other tank.

While the DPS is racing to kill Patch, you are in the middle of a mana marathon. Unless you have a ton of MP5 and a big mana pool, mana will be an issue. I found that it is best drop mana tide at 65% and then a mana pot when you are back down to 50%. Try as much as possible to not spam heals allowing you to regen a little more mana, you will need every bit of mana you can get.

Grobulus: Not only is Grobulus a pain in the butt, he is also the lamest looking boss in all of Naxrammas. During this fight the tank will kite Grob around the room. During this time there are two things to watch for. The first is the Injections that Grob puts on a random raid member. DO NOT CLEANSE THIS! If you do there will be an AoE poop cloud that will cause damage to anyone near it. When someone gets the injection they will run to an area behind where Grob was and the wait for the effect to drop the cloud out of the way of the raid. Your job will be to heal that person as they come back since the injection will have taken a nice big chunk of their health away.

Grob will also spawn an add for everyone that is hit with his slime spray…which should only be one since the spray should only be aimed at the tank. Make sure to keep an eye out for the slime and avoid it and heal the off tank assigned to pick up the slimes.

As for totems I tend to drop them in the middle of the room. This allows for the best chance for the raid to get their benefit as they move around the room.

Gluth: The sweet little puppy of the abomination wing. During this fight you will be asked to do more than just heal, you will have to help on puppy chow duty.

During the fight zombies will spawn in the back and if they make it to Gluth he will eat them and regen health, so two or three people will be in the back of the room gathering up the adds and slowing them down. Your job will be to keep these people healed as well as aiding in the zombie round up. Make sure to have earth bind totem up to slow the movement speed of the zombies and nuke the random runner with frost shock to get them back to the kite group.

During the fight, Gluth will cast decimate, reducing the raids health to 10%. Make sure to get everyone up as fast as possible (Chain heal and LHW for the win). At this point the raid will be AoE the zombies that are now on a bee line for Gluth. Make sure to have earth bind down and drop your fire elemental for added damage. After decimate and all the zombies have been killed or eaten, the cycle starts over and you will head to the back of the room and start the process of gathering zombies again. Normally there will be two decimate cycles during the encounter.

Thaddius: The final boss of the Abomination Wing and the idiot check for Naxx. The first part will require the raid to split into two groups to kill Stalagg and Feugen at the same time. The make up of the raid will dictate which mini boss you heal. If you are the only raid healer, you will heal Feugen and his AoE damage, if there is a druid or a priest they are better to heal that fight and you can heal the single target damage on Stalagg. Either way, you will end up healing both tanks since they are tossed back and forth platform to platform.

Once the wonder twins have been killed, it is time to make the jump to Thaddius’s platform. Fail point number one is missing the platform and having to swim back. During the Taddius will cast a static charge on the raid (Positive or Negative) your job is to move to the side designated for your particular charge and keep moving each time your charge changes.

Depending in your raid, you will either just be healing the tank in really good raids, or spamming chain heal due to Fail point number two, people with two different charges damaging each other. Either way, healing will be a challenge but will be doable.