enemiesLast week was full of success and firsts for the Pen is Mightier.  Tuesday we cleared all of lower Naxx.  Wednesday we downed Sapphiron and Kael’Thuzad and then went in to take a look at Malyogs.  I will say that the Malygos encounter is not very Resto-Shaman friendly which should be interesting since the two healers in our 10-man group happen to both be Resto-Shaman.

We PuG’ed some 25-man Naxx/OS and Vault runs which allowed us to get some people some gear that they might not have had a chance to get normally.

I also rolled a warrior for those days that I am not raiding and I don’t want to do dailies.  So far he is only 10, but he is fun to play.  I picked him up the heirloom shoulders for the exp bonus and all I can say is “Wow”.  If you have an alt and some extra Wintergrasp tokens, you must get your alt a pair.  They are so worth it.

This week should see our second clear or Naxx, a real attempt on Malyogs and a guild meeting.  Oh how I love meetings.  I am sure this is the one where the guild decides we have too many shamans and I am the odd man out.  This should allow me to finish up my Naxx guides in the near future, so I guess it will be a blessing.