It started simple enough, the aged shaman and a warrior alone except for the pulsing totems at their feet, but before they knew it, Baron Rivendare was upon them.  The Tauren called to the elements to aide his companion.  The fight seemed simple enough, but after a time, a searing pain shot through their bodies.  Moments later the pain returned again, only greater, making the hulking mass wince and drop to a knee.  Like the others though, they fought on, the sounds of battle surrounding them from all corners of the room.

A call from the forsaken warrior urged the shaman and the warrior to move on.  The Orc turned quickly and charged towards the Paladin as the Tauren made his way to the bloodied Moonkin.  There was just enough time to heal the Moonkin’s wounds before the Forsaken called back to him and the Orc to return.  They held the Baron where he was, but the growing pain became too much to bear and the Forsaken and his companions returned allowing the Orc and Tauren to return to aide the comrades in the back.

The Shaman placed his totems, but before he could finish his casting, a hideous wail echoed through out the room.  He looked to see the Baron fall from his horse in defeat.  The Forsaken led the others to the back of the room assigning each a target focus on, allowing the shaman to take position on the platform in the middle of the room to aide all that he could reach.

The groups moved back and forth from rider to rider to avoid the building agony that each put on their combatants.  The shaman did his best to keep everyone standing, even if that meant having the powers of both riders building upon him.  The pain grew, his eyes waters, but the shaman continued on.

A moment of hope filled him as he watched the next rider fall from her steed.  The lone rider fought on with a look of sorrow in his eyes.  A moment before the killing blow, he exchanged glances  with the Tauren and a look of relief seemed to over take the rider as he slid from his saddle onto the stone floor.

A cheer erupted from the victors, the Four Horsemen had been defeated and the day was theirs.  The Tauren, weakened and shaking, collapsed in exhaustion where he stood.  A moment later he noticed something odd about here he lay.  He rolled over and found that yes, even undead horses seem to leave manure where they once stood.



Shout out to the raid crew (Pud, Elniño, Ankenhawk, Buffmuffin, Maxpane, Udaan, Dayywalker, Duglarg and Tommyox) for the great job clearing lower Naxx.