offiss_catFor wanting to not play this weekend I ended up running more content than I ever have in one weekend.

Friday was quiet, I think I healed a heroic and called it a night, but Saturday…yeesh.  I logged on to check my mail and got pulled into a PUG’d heroic Obsidian Sanctum.  The group was well geared and knew their stuff.  We had the zone cleared in less than a half hour.  Tier 7.5 glove token dropped for me, but I lost the roll.  I did walk away with the bag of spoils so I am not complaining. 

After the OS run, I got into a PUG’d heroic Naxxramas.  The start was rough, but after that the run went well and the spider wing was cleared.  Faerlina dropped the Totem of Misery and I hade flash backs of “I went to Black Temple and all I got was this stupid totem” (Totem of Ancestral Guidance), but Maexxena dropped me some leather shoulders that were a decent upgrade so I didn’t go to bed with the totem loot blues.

Sunday was the continuation of the guild run of 10-man Naxx and we did very well.  We took down Gron, Gluth, Thadious and the 4 Horsemen.  No loots for Jager, but Tommyox our druid and Buffmuffin our Paladin got all pimped out.  We went off to try Sapphiron.  The first pull of the night was the best and we ended up calling it after a few attempts.  People may say that you don’t need frost resist in the 10-man, but you know, as a healer…I am going to demand it.  Healing that fight is a damn pain.  He and Kael’Thuzad should be down by the end of this week though.  After that it is off to Malygos!