Now that the new year is here, it is time to look ahead and set some goals for myself for the next year.

  • Hire a reliable staff.  The staff at Hoof n’ Healz has really be slacking and blog content has been pretty weak.  It is time to drop the goblins and start picking up some gnomes.  Hopefully this will not only improve the quality of HnH content but get me the ever coveted gnome vote.
  • Learn to play a healer.  Sitting back and watching Lord of the Rings while I hit the chain heal button just wont cut it anymore.
  • Pretty myself up.  I might make use of the character customization and go from Jagerbombz to the more feminine Jagerboobz. (lol sorry for the third grade humor).
  • Mount an Epic.  I am still without my epic flying mount. Donations are welcome.  Send all cash to and place Jager as the recipient.
  • Wipe more raids.  Chain Lighting just doesn’t get the love it deserves in the Resto Shaman spell rotation.  I think it is time the Resto Shaman pull his weight in raids and start pulling mobs for the tank…when the tank is not looking.
  • Start a Douche Knight.  Maybe I should drop the shaman and roll a Death Knight.  That way I can blog about my exploits of being 1 of 1000 DKs looking for group.  Then Hoof n Healz can be changed to Hoof n Button Mashing or Hoof n LFG.