cow2008 has now come and gone and it is now time to look back with misty eyes on all the WoW greatness that was bestowed upon me this year.

Early 2008 saw the birth of Jagerbombz.  After leveling my rogue to 70, not getting into raiding and not able to get any love I decide to quit WoW.  Two weeks later in alcohol induced craziness I roll a horde shaman thinking that I would hit level two and never log back into the game again.  Boy was I wrong.  Personally I blame Shatner.

Mid 2008 saw the birth of Hoof n Healz.  Actaully, there was a blog prior to Hoof n’ Healz known as Elemental Pew Pew but the Pew gave way to Healz and the rest is history.  A big thanks goes out to Anna of Too Many Annas and the Pen is Mightier for making this blog possible. 

Late 2008 had been all WotLK.  A whole new world had been opened up with 10 more levels, new talent trees and new raids to be run.  I hit 80 much faster than I ever expected and the guild is running almost all of the 10-man content allowing Jager to feed his inner loot whore.

What does 2009 hold for Jager and Hoof n’ Healz?  There are loots to be had and raids to be run.  Look for the full Naxxramas raid guide as well as Obsidian Sanctum and The Vault of Archevon.  Also keep your eyes peeled for more Resto Shaman banter and the every popular gratuitous kitten pictures.

Till then have a safe and happy new year full of love from the Loot Fu!