So, the guild had to go ahead and do good this weekend thus adding to my pile of Hoof n Healz to-dos. 

Sunday night is normal raid night, but it seemed that our other resto shaman was stuck at some party having fun so we were down a healer.  We then got a healer, but then we were down a DPS spot, so we did what any normal guild would do in this situation; pug in not one DPS but, 3 healers and 12 DPS and make a bee line for heroic Archevon.  We had a lot of people new to the fight which made some of us very nervous but we were able to down him just as the enrage hit our off tank.  Loots were loots.  We were able to pimp out our ret paly with a new BP and legs and got a PUG druid and rogue some stuff.

Once the raid broke up we found an extra guilded DPS so we went back to see what else we could handle in Naxx.  First we hit Maexxena and took her down, thus completing the Spider wing and adding that to the raid guide to-do list.  We then took out Gothik the Harvester and made our way to Four Horsemen.  After a few failed attempts it was late and we called it a night.

So hopefully in the near fututer I will have the Resto Shaman guide to both the Plague and the Spider wings along with Archevon and Obsididian Sanctum done. Till then stay tuned for more random stuff from Hn’H.