There are a couple of changes coming up for the resto-shamans in patch 3.0.8 that may end up how I am spec’ed for raiding and heroic 5-mans.

First off, the spec that I am currently running is not exactly the same build that I had posted last week.  While I was doing some research I found that Matticus had done a post on the shaman at 80 and his build intriqued me so I gave it a shot with a small tweak.  I took a full three points into Ancestral Healing and only 1 point in Nature’s Guaridan.

Jager’s Current Build 

The build has been holding up well, but I am starting to notice something that I have heard about, but really wanted to see for myself…the weakness of Ancestral Awakening.  Currently it only accounts for 2-4% of my healing and like most that have found this, I will be looking for another place for these three talent points.  This is where the new patch comes into play for the raiding shaman.

Healing Way doesn’t stack up to 3 times anymore and now increases the effect of subsequent Healing Wave spells on the target by 18%. (Up from 6%)

I will be taking the points out of Ancestral Awakening and putting them into Healing Way.  Currently I am a tank healer in a 10 man raid group and I need all the help I can get and the 18% increase in healing on the tank will be a big help.  Plus on a side note, I know that I will be able to have this 18% increase all the time and not the % of healing from Ancestral Awakening on a crit.

Improved Water Shield has been changed to – You have a 33/66/100% chance to instantly consume a Water Shield Orb when you gain a critical effect from your Healing Wave or Riptide spells, and a 19.8/39.6/60% chance when you gain a critical effect from your Lesser Healing Wave spell.

As I have gotten some raids and heroic experience under my belt, the watershield global cool down thing has started to wear me down.  It was getting to the point where I was getting a blister on my watershield finger.  Because of this, I was getting ready to take 1 or 2 points out of this talent but now I think I can let it be.  I still might take a point out of it if the global cool down still is an issue but I will need to run with it for a bit to know this for sure.

So there we have it.  I guess we will have to wait until this goes live or I get super prepared and roll onto the PTR but I doubt that will happen.  Once this goes live I will follow up with how this works and how viable it actually has been.