utpinIt was a busy weekend and I am starting to feel it…just…about…zzzzzz…….

The weekend started with some heroic runs of Utgarde Pinnacle in the attempt to get our tanks their tanking weapon. The first run we did started rather well, but things got a little shaky at the trophy room.  Depending on the DPS of your group you need to conserve your mana as much as possible while taking down the trophies so you have a chance of keeping the group up during the boss fight.  Once we finally got past that we faced the dreaded gauntlet.  Yeesh, what a pain.  I rather not talk about this run any more.

The second run went better and we actually got it done but still no love for our tanks.  Sorry Elnino & Pud.

Sunday night was raid night and before flying to Naxxramas we decided to give Obsidian Sanctum a shot.  First, we decided to down all the drakes just to make sure we would have a shot at Sartharion.

The dynamic of the drake fights are really cool but I have no idea how you can down Sartharion with all three drakes up with just 10 people.

After we downed all three drakes we took on Sartharion.  The fight is pretty much a tank and spank with some adds.  He doesn’t hit that hard and healing through the encounter isn’t too bad at all. What you need to do though is watch for the lava walls.  Yup, walls of lava come crashing over the island you are on and you need to make sure the whole raid is awake and moves to the openings in the wall or the fire DoT will make quick work of them.  It took some time but we did get him down, even though we forgot about the last lava wall and all but the tank wiped at the end right next to Sartharion corpse.  Look for this raid guide in the near future.

After OS, we made our way to Naxxramas.  We decided to pass on the last boss of the Spider wing and hit the first bosses of the military and the plague wing.  Instructor Razuvious is a very cool fight.  The dynamic of having to control NPCs to tank adds a nice wrinkle to the normal boss encounter.  After a few shots he fell and allowed me to pick up Iron Rings of Endurance. We then made our way to plague wing and Noth the Plaguebringer.  The raid really stepped up and focused and allowed us to single shot him on our first attempt.

So far into raiding our guild is now 4/15 in Naxx and 1/1 in Obsidian Sanctum.  We have been doing very well and our efforts have exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Here is to you PiM!

On a side note, I was able to pick up a new Chest, Bracer and Feet from our guild’s residence leather worker.  The mats were very cheap and the upgrades were well worth it.  I highly recommend if you are starting heroics or raiding and you are a little under-geared, find yourself a leather worker and get your self some very easy upgrades.