Since it will take me awhile to compile information for a full resto shaman Naxxramas raid guide, I thought it might be beneficial to post tips for each encounter while the raid guides are under construction.

Naxxramas: Spider Wing

Anub’Rekhan: This is the first boss you will encounter in the Spider wing. He is alone in a large round room. The basic fight is a tank and spank with a spawned add until phase two. This is where AR cast locust swarm and the raid group collapses into the center of the room while the tank kites AR around the perimeter of the room (12 to 6 then 6 to 12). During the locust swarm the tank is usually out of range for heals without the healer getting locust swarm. To help get the tank through this phase cast a fresh earth shield on the tank and well as a riptide. Between the shield and the HoT from riptide it should be enough to get the tank to his next tanking position. Another thing is have two healers in the middle handling off tank and raid heals and another healer at the end of the kite path. This will allow a healer to pick the tank up ASAP during the last couple of pounding hits from AR without getting hit with locust swarm.

Another thing to try is not as much related to healing, but more about damage output. When you are just starting to run Naxx, the gear of your DPS might not be up to snuff and you may end up hitting AR’s enrage timer. To handle this, after the tank gets agro, use bloodlust for an initial boost of DPS when everyone is able to focus on QR before the adds and scarabs. If you are running with multiple shamans, you will be able to get a second bloodlust to burn down AR towards the end of the fight.

Grand Widow Faerlina: GWF is Boss number two in a room for of spiders and acolytes. Have the tank clear the room group by group by line of sight pulling them. The fight requires some coordination. The main tank will engage GWF on the platform and the off tank will grab the adds and move them to one side of the stairs. Each time she goes into frenzy, the main tank will pull her to adds where the DPS will burn one down quick to remove the effect. Once the effect is removed the tank will move her away until the next frenzy. I haven’t seen any special tips on healing this, other than as a shaman, you will have your hands full with AoE damage. Make sure to let the raid know to move out of the AoE right away if they are not already doing so.

Maexxna: Ok, now we have yet to down Maexxna but the few times we ran it there are some things you want to do during this encounter. During the fight there is some nasty poison, especially Necrotic Poison that reduces heals on the tank that needs to be cleansed right away. Also every 40 seconds web spray is cast that is a 4 sec incapacitate. During this time you can’t heal or cleanse. Before web spray make sure to cast a fresh earth shield and a riptide and drop your poison cleansing totem to help the tank survive during the 4 seconds.

Maexxna’s other fun ability is web wrap. This will launch someone to the webbed wall behind you. The wrap is similar to Illhoof’s chains and needs to be destroyed quickly before the target is dead. If your DPS is lacking, you will have to position a healer close to the wall to heal the affected target until the DPS can get them freed.