Wednesday morning at 1:38 am Jagerbombz hit level 80.  Nineteen hours later The Pen is Mightier made it’s first run into the 10 Man Naxxramas.

The main core of the raid was two prot warriors and three resto shamans.  I would have liked a more diverse healing group, but we did much better than I had expected.  The one thing I did find is that the LHW build does work, but if you are not careful you can run into mana issues pretty quickly.  I believe that the initial issues is with the mix of blue/green gear you may roll into Naxx with, as the gear gets better I think the build will get better also. 

On the topic of raid builds, I went in with a different build that I had posted.  I dropped healing grace for improved earth shield and one point into reincarnation.  I will keep rolling with this build for a few more runs before I make any changes as I find needed and will post any findings that I have.

The raid itself was a bit challenge, but a ton of fun.  We started with the Spider Wing after the slaying of Mr.. Bigglesworth. For that kill, we garnered the wrath of the raid gods.  The trip to Anub’Rekhan was easy, building our confidence.  Once we started on Anub’Rekhan things got shaky.  The first pull the tank did not kite AR around far enough and we all got swarmed.  Next pull, the off tank was killed after getting two many stacks of the debuff.  Pull after pull we ran into a problem here or there.  We swapped tanks and then changed healing assignments.  Couple more pulls and he was down.  In total…2 hours to get him.  One healing tip I have for this fight is to have a healer at the end of the kite path waiting for the tank so he can get healed as soon as swarm is done.

Grand Widow Faerlina was the next and much easier boss.  It took one wipe for us to learn out how to better take here down.  We had the main tank engage Faerlina with the off tank holding all the adds just on the steps.  Instead of pulling a single add for the widow’s embrace we had the main tank pull Faerlina to the adds for the killing of the adds. Healing the tanks isn’t very hard on this fight, it is more of a AoE raid healing fight.

Getting to Maexxna took a while.  Lots of long hallways with only a few trash pulls leads to one of the creepier bosses I have seen.  We took a couple of attempts but it was getting late so we called it a night. 

All in all it was a good night.  Some nice drops for the tanks and casters with a pair of mp5 legs for one of our resto shamans.  Hopefully we can pick up where we left off on our next run.