I haven’t had time to get much blogging in as I would like.  I have a Viloet Hold guide in progress, but of all the guides, this one takes the most time with having to right up for all the random bosses.

I have gotten some leveling time in.  I am currently 16% into 79 and plan on pushing to 80 tonight.  Once I have gotten to 80 it will be raid time again allowing me to start on writing raid guides again.  For the plans of the 5-man content guides, I will be trying to finish those up some time this month, if not early next year.

On another note, I just changed my header picture to get more of a norse look, but I am not real happy with it.  If anyone out there knows of someone or is someone who could make me a custom image header for hoof n healz would be greatly appreciated.  Keep in mind I don’t have a ton of cash, but I will be willing to pay a small some for a nice header.