turkeyThe extended weekend has ended and that means it is back to the daily for us in the US.  Between eating myself blind, drinking myself silly and shoveling out from the first snow storm of the year I was able to get plenty of WoW time in and was able to get some items marked off the check list.

First, I was able to level Jagerbombz to 75, nearly 76.  Between a number of instance runs as well as a heaping dose of quests, I was able to finally get out of 74 and into 75 allowing me to put on some of the gear I have been collecting. 

I finished up the Wrathgate quest line and all I can say is OMGWTFBBQ!  Best quest ever!

I was able to get into Guldrak for the first time.  It was a very nice zone and fun, but nothing that really stands out as well as other zones.  I am sure that will not keep me from running it a number of more times though.

I finished up reading the Well of Eternity trilogy and had a number of nerd-out moments after meeting Alextrasza and Krasus in game.

As for this week, hopefully I will hit 76 and maybe 77; inching ever so slowly to the start of the end game.  I plan on posting a Violet Hold guide as well as writing up a post on the level 80 Resto build I plan on rolling into raiding with.  Till then, keep busy grinding and enjoy the run to 80.