Ahn’khat is a huge underground city that is home to the remnants of the Nerubian Empire.  This city is located far below the surface of Northrend and is the original location of Azjol-Nerub.  AN can be found in west Dragon Blight and is in the same location as the Azjol-Nerub instance.


There is a lot of differing types of trash to be had in this place. Between spiders, undead Nerubians, Humanoid casters and Elementals your group will have there hands full.  You need to be on your toes or things can get out of hand in a hurry.  Heal as needed, but here are some tips that will help out your group.

  • Cast Earth or Wind shock on the casters for interrupts.
  • Be ready to quickly cure poisons and diseases.
  • Purge shaman casters to remove lighting shields.
  • Fire and Frost totems can help during caster and elemental fights.

Elder Nadox:

Like Krik’thir the Gate watcher, Nadox is a Nerubian vizier and servant of the Lich King.  Nadox has the following abilities to be aware of:

  • Brood Plague – Disease target causing 12,750 damage over 30 sec.
  • Brood Rage – Increase damage done by 200% and increases maximum health by 10k.

The Nadox fight is mostly a tank and spank, but during the fight he will summon adds, including a guardian.  During this point Nadox is immune to all damage until the guardian has been taken down.

Make sure to keep the Disease cleansed and the tank topped off so they can handle the damage during Brood Rage.

Prince Taldaram:

Prince Taldaram is a Darkfallen and the second boss you will encounter in Ahn’khat.  In order to get to him, you group must first take down the protective shield around him.  This can be done by going to the two surrounding platforms, killing the trash and clicking the orbs.

When fighting the Prince, you will need to be aware of the following:

  • Flame Sphere – Conjures a sphere of pure fire that floats towards the target while firignt searing beams at enemies within 18 yards.
  • Embrace of the Vampyr – Consumes like force of the target, stunning it and inflicting 1.5k shadow damage every 2 for 20 seconds or until the Prince sustains 20K damage.
  • Blood Thirst – Instantly attack the target causing 120% of normal damage, in addition, the next 3 successful attacks will restore 1% of health.
  • Vanish – Puts caster into stealth for 2.5 seconds.

For the encounter earth shield the tank and have him engage the Prince, healing as needed.  Once a sphere has been summoned, make sure to top the raid off while the tank tries to maneuver the Prince and the party away from the sphere.  Before the Embrace of the Vampyr, the Prince will vanish.  At this point it is recommended that the group falls in onto the tank as to be in the same location when he appears, allowing for the target to engage the Prince as quickly as possible.  When the Prince appears he will randomly select a group member and pin them to the ground.  At this point you will need to heal the target as well as inflicting 20k of damage on the Prince to get him to end his embrace.

Jedoga Shadowseeker:

Jedoga is a member of the Twilight Hammer and servant of the the Old God Yogg-Saron

You will find Jedoga floating in the air with minions below her.  Once you have defeated the trash via AoE Jedoga will descend and the encounter will begin.  She has the following abilities:

  • Cyclone Strike – Performs a spinning attack that will hit all near by enemies dealing weapon damage plus 150% with a knock back affect.
  • Lighting Bolt – Blast an enemy with lightning for nature damage.
  • Thundershock – Creates a cloud of lightning lasting for 10 seconds, blasting all enemies in the area for 1.5-2k damage every two seconds.

When Jedoga descends, she will summon a whole bunch of followers.  These adds are surrounded in a protective aura and will not engage.  During the fight, Jedoga will rise and summon and add to sacrifice themselves to her.  At this time your group needs to kill this add as quickly as possible.  If the add is allowed to sacrifice themselves Jedoga will gain their health and have a buff increasing her damage by 200%.  The adds cannot be CC, stunned, or earth bound by totem.  Even though you are healing you will need to help DPS the add down as well.

Make sure the tank is moving Jedoga around to avoid the Thudershock, which will appear on the floor as a pool of white lighting.

If you can avoid the lighting and down the servants, this is a simple tank and spank that can be handled with earth shield and LHW, but if there servant is sacrificed, queue up a HW to land just as she re-engages the tank.  Keep chain heal at the ready also in case the group gets hit with one or two pulses of Thundershock.

Herold Volazj:

Volazj is a faceless one who is not only the last boss of the instance but also my favorite boss encounter so far in WotLK.  Volazj can do the following during the fight:

  • Mind Flay – Shadow Damage inflicted over 3 sec reducing movement speed.
  • Shadow Bolt Volley – Hurls missiles of dark magic, inflicting shadow damage to near by enemies.
  • Shiver – Deals 1.5K shadow damage that jumps to near by group members.
  • Insanity – Hmmm…lets wait on this one.

The start of the fight is a standard tank and spank with earth shielding and healing as needed.  Around 60% and 30% things get to be fun.  Volazj will cast insanity and become immune to damage.  During this time, the group will turn on you and attack you, or so you think.  As a healer it is just best to spam heal yourself and let the situation resolve itself.  That is all I will have to say about that.