I love the Google search portion of the WordPress dashboard that allows me to see what people are searching for to get to Hoof n’ Healz.  There hasn’t been anything as odd as some stuff Gnomeaggedon has found, but I thought I would take some and post responses to them.

  • Does thundering strikes crit on heals – Yes.
  • How to keep anub’arak from burrowing – You can’t. 
  • Can a shaman heal a 5-man – Yes.
  • WoW Resto shaman basics – Water shield, Earth Shield. Chain Heal, repeat.
  • Utgarde keep drops – Shoulders off Ingvar are the only real Resto Shaman Piece but the prince drops a mean par of enhancement gloves.
  • Resto Shaman spell rotation – Chain heal/Riptide for tidal waves then lesser healing wave x2 or just Chain Heal, repeat.
  • How to get to nexus dungeon – Summoning Stone.
  • Is earth shield affected by spell power – Yes.

I was glad to see that there was nothing in the list for Tauren Pr0n or Tudder Love.