…Far from it actually.  I logged yesterday 50% into 73.  The weekend provided more play time than I had thought it would but most of that time was spent exploring the farthest reaches of Howling Fjord.  But with such exploring comes great relief now that 99% of the quests in HF have been checked off my list.  There are still a couple of straggling group quests to clean up, but those can wait while I finally make my way into the Dragon Blight.

The weekend wasn’t all questing though.  I was able to get my hands dirty while healing some new 5-man content.  I was fortunate enough to run with some guildies through both Zul’Drak and the Violet Hold.  Like all the other Troll based instances, Drak is full of win.  Between undead trolls, spiders the size of Volkswagens, Godzilla and the flesh sloughing end boss I was in healer heaven.  There is just one thing to remember, stay out of the black pools.

Violet Hold on the other hand.  Hmmmm…I am not sure how to put how I feel about this instance.  Let’s just say this is the first instance I wish I could make love to.  The concept is simple.  The Blue Dragon flight is trying to free the prisoners of the Violet Hold to aide in the invasion of Dalaraan and it’s your duty to stop them.  The instance is one room and works a lot like Black Morass.  18 portals, 2 random bossed and then a dragon. Between the concept of the instance, the randomness of the two bosses and the chance to slay a dragon, this dungeon holds everything I love about WoW in one room.

With a shortened Thanksgiving week here is the US, I could get a lot of play time or none at all.  Which is unfortunate as the to-do list gets longer and longer.  I would like to hit 75 before the weekend, get Wrathgate done some my guild can talk about it on vent and write up 4 instance guides.