Azjol-Nerub, otherwise known as the spider kingdom can be found in western Dragon Blight.  What was once a beautiful, yet creppy underground city now lays in ruins, home to not only the remaining Nerubians, but also servants of the Lich King.

Azjol-Nerub is what can be considered a scripted instance.  There is little to no trash in the zone and what trash there is, engaging it will start a scripted boss encounter.  Because of this, if the group ends up wiping on a boss, that encounter and its trash will reset requiring you to start all over again.

Krik’thir the Gate Watcher:

Krik’thir is a Nerubian under the command of Anub’arak and servant to the Lich King.  His main task is to guard the gate that leads to the lower ancient city.

There are two small trash groups that leads to the chamber where Krik’thir resides.  Within this chamber there are three groups of three Nerubian mobs.  Once one group has been pulled, the “event” will be started.  If you pull the far left group it may aggro the middle group so it is best to start with the far right group.  Once the group has been dispatched, the next group will aggro and so on.  When healing, make sure to earth shield the tank and keep the group topped off.  I find chain heal to be best here.  Make sure to keep the poison cleansing totem down to reduce the amount of DoT damage that you would need to heal.

Once the three groups have been dispatched, drop down for a quick drink to regain some mana while he does his script lines.  Once he is done, the tank will engage him and the fight begins.  During the fight, Krik’thir can do four things:

  • Mind Flay – Shadow damage over 3 seconds and reduced movement speed.
  • Curse of Fatigue – Movement, attack speed and casting time slowed by 30%.
  • Summon Bugs (or something of that sort) – summons bugs, lots of em.
  • Enrage – Damage inflicted increased by 100% (at 10% health)

During the fight, chain heal off of the tank, this will easily cover the damage he is getting as well as the group damage from the summoned bugs.  Once Krit’thir is around 40% blood lust to burn him down quickly and make sure to spam HW on the tank during the enrage at 10%.

During the fight keep your totem set up as normal for your group, but make sure to drop either your fire totems or fire elemental to make quick work of all those little bugs that get summoned.


Ok, the mechanics of this fight are very cool and it nicely done, but it is personally very difficult to do this fight since I am afraid of spiders, and seeing this mob did nothing to remedy that problem.

Hadronox is basically a big spider that has taken residence in Azjol-Nerub, but the Nerubians are clearly not happy about this.

From Krik’thir’s room you will go straight over a bridge to what appears to be a dead end.  You will find though that the webs to your left and your right will easily hold your wait and allow you to walk on them.  From the bridge go right and stay up close to the wall.  Looking down you will see an Anub’ar Crusher and two adds.  Have the tank pull the crusher up to your group by the wall.  After this group is dead, two similar groups will have appeared where the first group was.  Pull the closest group and then the next.  During this time, Hadronox has been making her way from her chamber to the main room you are in.  You will see her surrounded by a bunch of Nerubians trying to kill her.  There are a number of ways to take her down, but the safest is to sit back and watch as she dispatched all the mobs attacking her.  Once she has finished her work on the Nerubians, your group is next.  She has the following abilities in her arsenal:

  • Pierce Armor – Reduces armor by 50% for 8 sec
  • Acid Spray – Sprays acid at the location of the target, creating a cloud that deals 700 nature damage per second, last 1.5 minutes.
  • Leech Poison – Drains 1000 health from the surrounding enemies per sec, transferring it to the caster.  If any target dies while affected, the caster will be healed for 10%, last 10 sec.   
  • Web Grab – Shoots out sticky webs dealing 4.5 – 5.5k damage and grabbing enemies and pulling them toward the caster.

I won’t lie, healing this fight is a challenge, but if you remember the following you should be ok.

  • Make sure to have everyone avoid the Acid Spray, if people are not payingattention, half the group could be taking a bunch of damage that you might not be able to keep up with.
  • Spam Chain Heal.  I hate giving this out as advice since some see it as a shaman healing crutch, but the chain heal will be your best bet to keep everyone up for most of the fight.
  • Keep Poison Cleansing Totem down at ALL TIMES!  If someone is poisoned, not only will the group member be taking damage, but Hadronox will be getting healed not only for the 1K taken from the part member but each time they are healed, Hadronox will also be healed.
  • Blood lust freely, there is no phases of this fight so it doesn’t matter when you blood lust so pop it and burn her down as fast as possible.


Once you have finished Hadronox, you will drop down to her chamber and kill all her little off spring.  From there you will drop down another hole to a pool outside of Anub’arak’s chamber.  You will need to take down two Anub’ar Crushers before engaging Anub’arak.  You can engage these two crushers without aggro’ing the boss.  Before the tank starts on Anub’arak, make sure that everyone is within Anub’ar’s ring or they will be locked out of the fight.  During the battle Anub’arak has the follow effects:

  • Locust Swarm – Slows movement by 40% and deals 330 to 370 damage per seconds within 60 yards of the caster, last 15 sec.
  • Carrion Beetle – Summons 2 carrion beetles every second for 4 seconds.
  • Impale – Fires spikes through the floor impaling all targets with in 4 yards dealing 7.5 to 8.5 k damage.

During the fight (75%, 50%, 25%) Anub’arak will burrow underground becoming invulnerable.  During this phase adds will spawn and Impale will be cast.  During this you can earth shield and LHW the main tank and riptide the rest of the raid as needed.  Make sure to avoid the spikes and move when needed.  If more than one party member ends up getting impaled, cast nature’s swiftness and chain heal off the most damaged part member.  This will help out to quickly get their HP back up to a manageable level.  As long as you can avoid the spikes, this is mostly a tank and spank fight.

Overall I enjoyed this instance, even though the whole spider thing does freak me out.  I enjoyed the scripted nature of the instance and it flows very well and very quickly.  It will take a normal group about 30 to 45 minutes to finish but I have heard of runs going as quickly as 15 minutes.