The Nexus is an instance that can be found in far west Borean Tundra.  At one point, the Nexus was exclusively the lair of the Blue Aspect leader, Malygos, but now houses many of the Aspect’s followers.  As for the 5-man instance, it contains many of the Blue Aspects lesser minions as well as many ethereal beings.

Trash Mobs:

There is a good collection of trash mobs in the instance ranging from humanoid casters, elementals and ethereals.  The humanoids/elementals are usually found in groups of no more than 5 and the ethereals can be found in groups of anywhere for 3 to 8.  Healing during the trash mobs is still not very difficult, but is a step up from the trash found in UK.  Keep earth shield on the tank and allow the tank to gain a good amount of agro.  I found that Riptide is good to top off the other group members, but the tank does take enough damage to warrant a full chain heal or a full healing wave.  During the trash, drop totems for your group make up but make sure to drop your AoE fire totems to help down the trash.

Grand Magus Telestra:

Telestra is a High Elf, probably a former member of the Kirin Tor who sided with Malygos to retain her arcane powers.  This encounter is made up of three phases.

Phase 1: During this phase Telestra will cast a number of AoE spells:

  • Firebomb (800 damage to target and surrounding targets)
  • Ice Nova (roughly 2.5 k damage to all targets within 60 yards with a 3 sec stun)
  • Gravity well (continuous pull of target to the caster causing 75 shadow damage for 6 seconds).

This phase is honestly…very annoying. Healing all the AoE while having to move around and getting hit with gravity well makes it difficult to heal as a shaman. I found that while you are bouncing around in gravity well Riptide is a savior and when nature’s swiftness is tied to a chain heal can get you through phase with a decent chance for success.

Phase 2: During this phase, Telestra will disappear and be replaced with three copies, each one representing one of the mage trees (Frost, Fire and Arcane).  The copies can be polymorphed, but if your group lacks CC, it is best to take down the Ice copy first to reduce the AoE damage or the Arcane copy since she will polymorph a group member. 

During this phase chain heal off the tank to counter act the Ice AoE then riptide/LHW the direct damage from the fire and arcane copy. Once the copies are dead, Telestra will reappear with 50% health starting phase three.

Phase 3: The last phase is similar to the first phase, but at 25% she will freeze everyone and fireball volley that hits everyone in a 30 yard radius.  Again, cast chain heal to handle all the AoE damage will be your best chance at group survival.  If you find that your group is out of range for chain heal, riptide the least damaged member and LHW the two lowest and repeat.  The fast heals should be able to get you through this part. 

Totems of note are the frost resist totem and possibly grounding totem to suck up one or two of the spells.

Ormorok the Tree-Shaper:

Ormorok is a big elemental who is responsible for all the crap flower trash in his area.  For some of the most annoying trash mobs in an instance, go thank Ormorok with a dagger between the eyes.

This fight has a single phase and is pretty much a tank and spank, assuming your group can avoid the Crystal Spikes.  If you find the ground beneath you trembling, move.  Other than that, at 25% he will enrage increasing his damage by 100% which can easily be healed with a healing wave or two.


Anomalus is an energy based being surrounded by many of his kind.  There is a lot of trash that will get you ready for the main fight.  Once you have found him in the maze of platforms drop your totems and get ready to fight.  There are two phases to this fight, which happens to be similar to Curator in Karazhan.  Every 25% you take from him, he will become immune to damage and will summon a temporal rift.  The rift needs to be taken out as soon as possible or it will begin to summon adds.  Once the rift has been closed, the fight with Anomuls continues.  This will repeat three times and then you’re done. I find that blood lusting after the first rift phase makes the rest of the fight quick.


Poor Keristrasza.  Formally a servant of the Red Aspect, Alexstrasza’s flight, she now has become a prisoner of Malygos and we are charged to kill her to preserve her freedom.

The fight with Keristrasza is like any other dragon fight that you may find in WoW.  Tank upfront, and everyone else at the sides to avoid the tail sweep and the frontal AoE spells.  Here are the main things to watch for:

  • Tail Sweep: Roughly 1k damage with knock back.
  • Crystal Chains: Frost damage with a 10 second immobilization.
  • Enrage: Increase in attack speed and damage for 2 minutes.
  • Intense Cold: Periodic damage that slows attack and casting speeds with a debuff causing 100 frsot damage every 1 second that stack up to 9 times.  Movement will break the effect.

This fight required near constant movement.  Make sure to have earth shield on the tank at all times since the adding healing will be needed as you have to dance around the dragon.  Pretty much I have found that fight is pretty much a riptide/LHW/Water Shield spam fest.  Cast and move, cast and move.  You might have time to cast a chain heal here and there, but with all the movement needed, spamming chain heal will not cut it.

Upon the death of Keristrasza, the instance is done.  Like Utgarde Keep, the Nexus is a very well paced instance that should take roughly an hour to complete.  The fights are a little more difficult than those found in UK, it still is manageable by a group of Kara geared 70s.