walrusBetween real life and the realm queue I haven’t been able to get as much play time as I would like, but in all honesty, I would be playing 24/7 if I could.  So far WotLK has not disappointed.  The new zones are beautiful and the 5-man instances I have been able to run are really well done.

My first night in Northrend I didn’t even get off the zeppelin before I got summoned to Utgarde Keep to heal, but that got me a good chunk into 70.  Sunday I was able to get Jager up to 71.25 after questing in Howling Fjord and running Azjol-Nerub and Ahn’kahet.

Azjol-Nerub is a very well done scripted instance that flows very well and is very short.  I think it only lasted about 30 minutes, but it was a very fun 30 minutes.  One thing to note, if you have arachnophobia like I do…it might be a tough instance to run…very high on the creepy scale.

Ahn’kahet has now become not only my favorite 5-man and contains someone who is now my favorite boss.   I don’t want to go into detail about it yet, but all I can say is wow, I never saw that coming.

Utgarde Keep was very pretty and fun.  It is a very good starter instance to get you into Northrend and has some nice gear for all you Enhancement Shamans out there.

So now that I have some 5-man experience under my belt I will be starting to write the resto shaman guides to healing WotLK 5-mans.  I hope to have my Utgarde Keep guide up in the next couple of days and others should start to follow shortly there after.  Until then keep healing and have fun.