For eight hours I sat at work, chomping at the bit to get out and acquire my very own copy of WotLK.   I basically ran out the front door of my office and made a bee line for the nearest Best Buy.  Money in hand, I grabbed a copy and to the checked out.

I get home, have dinner with the family and hung out with my kids.  Once everyone was asleep I went to the computer and put in the DVD.  This is where things went from happiness to pain.

At 60% I got an error on loading the lichking.mpq.  Hmmm….Well lets look at the DVD and try again; again, the same thing.  Ok, this is not cool.  Maybe I should defrag my hard drive and check for disk errors.  Ok that is done, let’s try this again.  ARGHHHHH!!!!!

So I go to the Tech Support boards and to my relief I am not the only one with this issue.  Ok, lets see what should I do.  I dig for solutions and I get the following from tech support.

1) Remove some ram and try that – um, the last thing I want to do it open my pc to install a game.

2) Install in safe mode – ok, let’s give that a shot.  Um no good, can’t interact with the installer now.

3) Copy DVD to my hard drive – ok, here we go.  Installing…damn same thing.

4) Pray

5) Get really angry

6) Get urge to quit the game

7)  Download and install wrath from the Website.

Well I end up downloading the game.  The interweb gods were with me since my download speeds hovered around 650 – 700 mb/s.  An hour later I was done and logged in…to meet with the server queue.

Fifteen minutes later I was in game and was summoned to heal Utgard Keep.

Overall the night ended well with some new boss kills, some lessons learned and 16% into 70.  Hopefully now everything will go well and I can enjoy Northrend.

Note: If you are getting any install issue with bad .mpq files, just download the game, you will save yourself a lot of time and grief.