This is an odd night.  I feel overly excited for what awaits us in Northrend, but I also feel a little sad for what we are about to leave behind.  Burning Crusade has given us many memories, both good and bad that will last for a long time and I only hope that Wrath will be just as good if not better.  My only regret as I board the Zeppelin is that I should have taken more screenshots while in the Outlands.  Out of the small collection I found these two that sum up everything. 


Jager as a fresh faced level 70 Resto Shaman


Jager as he is today waiting for his ride to Northrend

Looking at this just reminds me of all those late nights in Kara grinding gear and badges.  Running AV over and over again to get that healing mace.  Killing more demons than I could count to get the SSO faction for the necklace. The nights in ZA and finally killing Hex Lord and having him drop my shoulders.  And through all of this it seems that the only constant this whole time was my Totem of Living Waters.

I also want to take this short time before Wrath to thank all my readers for stopping by.  As the expansion hits, I plan on updating Hoof n Healz with tips for leveling Resto, tips for healing the new 5 man content and within some time, going back to raid guides for all the new level 80 content that awaits us.

I also want to thank my Guild, The Pen is Mightier of Hellscream.  Without them niether Hoof n Healz or Jager would have been possible.  I want to thank you for pulling me into Kara at 68 and thank you for giving me a chance to be one of your healers.  I am very proud of what we have done and very excited for what we are about to do.

So that is it.  The world as we know it is now gone and a new world awaits.  So go out and have some fun!