wow_wotlk_logoThis is it!  Two days to go before we all venture off to Northrend in over filled zepplins waiting to start the race to level 80.  I myself have already decided to cripple myself by leveling resto.  I leveled 58 to 70 Resto, so I figure I can do the same from 70 to 80.  Plus, staying resto will make me a effective healer for all the 5-man content that will be waiting for us day one.  Also, there were a number of threats from someone who may or may not be my guild leader threatening me that if I re-spec again i will be permanently stuck at minus 50 DKP.  So, if you are as crazy as I am, here are some tips on how to pack your bags for the trip to the Canada of Azeroth. 

I am sure in the past year or so you have collected a good collection of off-spec gear.  Now is the time to hit the bank and give your collection a once over looking for the following stats.

Crit:Since we don’t have the big hits that our elemental bothers have we need to stack crit to maximize our damage output.  Anting around 25% should be ok but the more crit the better.  Worse case, just strap a boomkin to your back.

Haste:Haste was always a bonus for our raid heals, but now we will look at having haste to increase our DPS.  The faster we cast, the faster we kill, the faster we leveling.  This stacked with crit should be a good combo for leveling.  We should take advantage of the most haste we can.  Don’t forget if you will be in a spot for more than a couple of kills, the wrath of air totem now increases haste by 5%.

MP5:If you don’t know about MP5 you should take your copy of WotLK back to Walmart and pick yourself up a copy of Hello Kitty Princess Adventures.  The one thing that can slow you down the most is stopping for a drink.  Trying to keep your MP5 maxed can be a little hard when stacking Haste and Crit gear, but you can try to find a healthy balance after messing around with your wardrobe for a little bit.

That leads us the the following conclusion, Crit + Haste + MP5 = Level 80.  There you have it!  The Jager Equation of Functional Resto Leveling.  You might not agree with me and you might even call me crazy, but it works.  If you have any doubt, please review my other, lesser known theory, The Jagerbombz Path to Faster Dailies, Crit +Haste + MP5 = Gold.

Thanks for your time, good luck and don’t forget your slippers!