After re-specing from 0/0/61 to 0/10/51 I switched back after a night in heroic Magister’s Terrace.  My initial thoughts of the build were rather negative but as I lay in bed, I thought more and more about this build.  I decided to give it another shot in a raid setting and I am glad I did.

The 0/5/51 build is designed around the new theory that the Shaman will be the new tank healer by stacking earth shield, the lesser healing wave glyph and a high spell crit percentage to not only execute big quick heals, but to trigger mana regen from improved water shield.

So before our Kara run, I went back to the trainer, re-spec’d and hit the bank to gather my “elemental” crit based gear.  After swapping gear for 20 minutes I found a good mix of crit, haste, mana regen and spell power.  After raid buffs my stats where as follows…

HP: 10k

Mana: 12.5k

Spell Power: 1200

Haste: 80

Crit: 28%

Mana Regen (while casting): 250

These stats are nothing exceptional, but not bad for a Tier 4/Badge loot geared shaman.  I then set about trying to determine a spell rotation.  My main goal from this build was to focus on fast quick heals while still being somewhat mana efficient. 

The fast part was not an issue.  With Tidal Waves (30% decrease in cast time on HW/LHW spells) now proc’ing from Riptide as well as now having 2 procs, I was able to cast the instant heal Riptide on the tank or anyone else for that matter and then cast two LHW on the tank.  These heals would normally hit for 3.5k or crit for just under 5k.

Mana efficiency was little harder to gauge.  Only once during the night did I find myself anywhere near close to OOM and that was when I was spam casting Riptide and LHW after an “incident” during flame wreath.  Without having any numbers I can’t say how mana efficient I was, but honestly, I felt very happy with my mana levels.  The one thing you will have to get used to though is constantly refreshing water shield.

On a side note, one unforeseen benefit of this build/rotation was that my over heals dropped dramatically. There were night when my over heals were sitting at 40% or even 50%, last night I don’t think I topped 23% and that was just due to the fact that the other healer got bored and healed started everyone in site.  This fact in itself has already improved my efficiency and healing to mana usage.

Over all I am very excited.  Using this build and utilizing Riptide and LHW I felt like a completely different healer.  For the first time in a long time I didn’t sit there, spam casting chain heal over and over again.  I felt faster, more mobile and deadly efficient.  Granted I will say this is only Kara and not as a good test as it used to be.  I feel the build’s first “true” test will be our ZA run.  If that run goes anywhere as well as last night did, I will be very happy cow.