When I am not healing raids or running dailies, I try to fill some of my free time with reading.  I recently finished Beyond the Dark Portal authored by Aaron Rosenberg & Christine Golden.  While not perfect, it wasn’t too bad.

Nez’Rhul, the aging Orc Shaman, has again taken control of the horde in an effort to lead his broken people to new victories and new conquests leaving the desolate, dying world of Draenor behind.  To do this, he has again opened the Dark Portal to obtain needed artifacts from the realm of Azeroth.

The Alliance leader Turalyon struggles to keep the Alliance from ripping itself apart.  Now with the impending invasion of the Horde, Turalyon, Arch Mage Kurdran, Alleria Windrunner and Danath Trollbane must rally the Alliance to not only defend the Azeroth and the newly constructed Nethergarde Keep, but must go through the dark portal to stop Nez’Ruhl from opening portals to other worlds.

This book is a good read for the end of the Burning Crusade and the soon to be release of the Wrath of the Lich king.  It filled in some of the questions about the world of Draenor while hinting at the major players in the WotLK.

Now, the read itself was rather quick for being over 400 pages in paperback, which is a bonus since the writing is nothing special and at times, a little confusing.  There are a lot of characters to keep track of and you can find yourself having to go back a couple of pages to clarify exactly who is where and what and why they are doing what they are doing.

One thing that stood out as lacking was a true conflict with between the Alliance and Horde.  The book is very one sided and only focus on the battles from the Alliance and the only aspect of the Horde comes in the form of a body count.  Granted, I might be slightly biased in the interpretation of the conflict.

Overall, the book is great brain candy and a good read for the fans of WoW lore.  It might not have been the best written Warcraft centric novel, but it is worth the short time it takes to read.