Coming off of an extremely successful Tuesday raid night, The Pen is Mightier of Hellscream decided that they could do more.  So on Wednesday we gathered; seasoned veterans and fresh reinforcements.  Eighteen of the PiM’s finest prepared for battle and entered the lair of the Gronn Overlord.

Thirty minutes later, Gruul lay at our feet.

Once the dead were raised, our wounds healed and the riches distributed, we prepared for battle again, this time we would face the former Lord of the Outlands, Magtheridon.

We entered Magtheridon’s Lair and quickly made our way to the main chamber.  The battle plan was explained to the tanks and those tasked with manning a cubes.  Everyone assumed their positions and the battle commenced.  Our forces fought well but all fell at 36%. 

Again, we gathered and assumed our positions for what would be a quick end. 

A third time we gathered.  We again reviewed the plans for battle, we buffed and we assumed our positions.  With excellent coordination and a focused attack Magtheridon was vanquished in a flash of light and we stood victorious.

Congratulations to all who attended and made this run possible.  With your help, the Pen is Mightier has now completed all of the Tier-4 content on their own.  Yes, these titans may have been nerfed by 30%, but we took them down with a raid missing 30% and for that, you should be proud.